My Options Arrived!

UPS delivered my Options just a little while ago. These things are great! They’re what I envisioned a circular needle should be, unlike that really stiff cabled Boye.

I knitted a quick swatch just to try them out, and while it’ll take a little time to get used to such slick needles I love the fact that the yarn glides over them with no problem at all.

The only thing in the kit I am unsure about are the end caps. Am I assuming correctly that they are used to cap the ends of a cable when removing the needles in order to prevent the work from sliding off?

I love these things and imagine that I am really going to enjoy using them.

Yes, I do believe that is what the end caps are for. I have used them that way with my Denise set, but not the Options yet. I’m not sure how they are attached though. :??

I love my “sample” Options that I bought. When they get more sizes (like a 16 in cord) I will buy them, too.

Lucky, I’m still waiting for mine.


Where did you get those? I have some Boye circs…and they just feel weird to me…

That’s great… now you can have your new needles on your next route!

I was just thinking… OT sorta… I hope the delivery guy won’t leave your new bag sitting on the front porch while you are gone! :doh:

Yipppee, Mason!

I just went out and bought a set of Denise’s from my LYS. The lady there said you could put the endcaps on the needles and then use them like straights.

I don’t know if I ever would use them like that but it sounded cool.

Enjoy your needles!


Ordered them from

Nah, whenever I order anything I always have it delivered to my Mom’s address just in case I’m not here. All my mail goes there too, for the same reason.

Hooray Mason!
Even with the wonky needle tip I had to replace, I LOVE my Options! I hope you enjoy them.

And yes the caps are for exactly that…making sure work doesn’t slide off the cable. That way you can transfer the needles tips to a new project if you need to and switch back and forth. Also if you’re knitting garments you can pop the tips off, screw on the caps, and then try things on without losing any stitches. (Just did this last night with my Picovoli!)

You screw them on to the ends of the cables just like you do with the needle tips. I love my Options set.

The options endcaps screw on just like the needles do. And yes, you could put the caps on and use them like flexible straight needles but i can’t ever see a real need for that. you can knit on circular needles like straights without the caps.

i rarely use my caps but they are nice if you want to change projects and need the needles.

I know someone had said there wasn’t a big difference between the Boye needles and the Options. I think there is a HUGE difference. The paint makes a big difference in keeping the work from sliding toooo much. But that is why i like the Options. they slide so nice and easy! :thumbsup:

I SO did not need to read this thread. :smiley: The idea of having needles that are slick, AND sharp, AND that you don’t have to transfer to a stitch holder if you need the tips is making me swoon.

Thanks for the review, Knitting Guy. :slight_smile:

I SO did not need to read this thread. :smiley: The idea of having needles that are slick, AND sharp, AND that you don’t have to transfer to a stitch holder if you need the tips is making me swoon.

Thanks for the review, Knitting Guy. :slight_smile:

I just knit my scarf over to the Options and knit a few rows. Wow, so much nicer than the painted metal straights. I was able to knit so much faster with the Options. I’m already hooked.

Thtat’s how i felt the first time I knit with mine too…

You might wanna go through and test things. I ended up with 3 cables that had to be replaced. Two because the metal part came off and one because the key thingie wouldn’t fit in the hole. Also, one of my needles had to be replaced. It wouldn’t lock. It just kept turning.

Despite that, I LOVE my Options. The sharp tip took a little getting used to because I push on the tip with my finger, but I really like it because it seems to split the yarn less.

Hi Mason,

I use the end caps to: reserve stitches on the shortest Options cable, making it a longer length ‘stitch holder’ than the other types of short 4" stitch holders.

I use the end caps for various tasks, eg. knitting with sz 8’s, each screwed onto their own 24" cable…with an end cap at each end.

I purchased 4 additional 24" cables, that come in a pack of 2. Very inexpensive. I find it most useful to have 6 of the 24" cables.

I also purchased extra ‘pages’ for my Options binder, which I just love!
Don’t you think the Options binder is just HANDSOME looking!!??

I also purchased extra needle tips for my most commonly used sizes. Very inexpensive.

WHERE WAS KINITPICKS OPTIONS 5 years ago when I started investing in every size of ADDI in every length??? :pout: Man o man…KPO’s are such a DEAL!!!

I am still toying with the idea of ordering the KIP knitting bag set! I love the fabric. Very handsome.

Yeah I’m already looking at ordering some additional cables and tips as well as organizer pages.

I am in the process of inspecting and test everything now. So far, one of the 32" cables seems to have slightly buggered threads but is usable. It threads a little tightly but maybe it’ll loosen with use. No other flaws so far.

And yes, the organizer binder is very nice.

Ok, everything inspected and tested. With the exception of the minor threading problem on the one cable they’re perfect. The threads on the one cable must have had a slight burr which was smoothed off by threading all of the needles on and off of it because it’s threading perfectly now.

I am quite impressed with the engineering and machining of the Options. Very high quality product.