My office is freezing - need a shawl pattern

I’m just finishing up my first sweater pattern (for my 3 year old), and realized that before tackling a bigger sweater, I can kill two birds with one stone - ie. learn some new techniques and avoid freezing in my new office.

I’ve been looking around at patterns, but haven’t settled on one that works. The closest I’ve found is a Lily Chin reversible cabled shawl pattern, but I’m not going to spend money on a book of patterns until I’m a little more experienced. (Here’s a link to a picture -

I need something I can wear at work (ie that I can type in without it falling off, and that doesn’t look “granny-esque” or have tassels, or look like a lace tablecloth. I have nothing against these kinds of designs but they won’t do for work). I’d also like it to be interesting but not impossible to knit.

Any ideas?

Here’s a whole bunch of them to choose from!
Knitting Pattern Central - shawls

Although the word “poncho” usually conjures up unpleasant 70s flashbacks for me, I, like you, wanted something to keep me toasty while sitting in front of the computer, that wouldn’t fall off my shoulders. Despite strong internal protest, I pushed my prejudices aside and ended up making a moss green one, and guess what? I :heart: it, and wear it all the time. It was my first garment so I just did a really simple one-rectangle design with brioche rib. It’s sooooo warm and cushy. The yarn I used was KP merino style, which has begun to pill somewhat (but only on the inside, thank goodness) – so if I made another, I’d probably use another yarn (probably superwash) and a different construction that gives better arm coverage. Overall I’m happy though. It’s got simple lines, but is interesting enough to keep it from being too boring. (Frou frou and fringe don’t appeal to me either.)

I love this one…Cozy

I too was going to suggest a poncho…don’t have to worry about it falling off and you can make it from two rectanglular pieces and do just about any stitch or pattern that you want…

I made one for me by checking out the dimensions for the rectangles on line and then just did a very simple but elegant looking pattern by casting on an even number of stitches then every row…*purl, yo, purl two together, yo purl two together until the last stitch (ending with a purl.)

Good luck

How about making a capelet? Sort of like a poncho but I believe it would have some shaping that would help it stay on the shoulders, maybe something that ties at the collar with a ribbon? I am thinking of making something similar because my home office is very cold. The reason I like a capelet over a poncho is that a poncho can sometimes be kind of long and get tangled in my chair. A capelet would come to about the inside of my elbows, so it would stay out of the way of office things.

I only thought of this idea last night. If I come across a nice pattern, I’ll post a link for you.

I’m also thinking of making fingerless gloves for when I’m typing a lot. This is my ** home ** office afterall. I often stay up late typing homework and my hands get cold.

What weird timing! I just posted my latest WIP in Watcha’ Knittin’? - it looks really similar to the Lily Chin wrap, which f/what I can discern f/the photos in your link, is just really big ribbed cables. Check my post out, I’ve got the link to the FREE :cheering: pattern in it.

Mine’s in chunky yarn on big needles, so you could easily play around and see if a laceweight or other lighter yarn on big/smaller needles is what you’re after. The KnitPicks pattern is basically four columns of large cables, alternating left and right twist. You could easily modify this again for as many columns of cables you’d like (more for the Lily Chin version), or even change it from ribbed to stockinette cables on a reverse stockinette background. Lotsa possibilities!! (although the last suggestion wouldn’t look the same on the reverse side, like the knitpicks pattern).

Hope that helps!! I’m lovin’ mine…


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