My Niece is Knitting!

I showed my niece how to knit continental a few months ago when I went for a visit and upon seeing her again for the holidays I’ve learned that she has been working on a scarf and is quite proud of it. Ok so she’s knitting the scarf on size 4 needles and due to its width and the density of the garter stitch it looks more like a hot pad, but I’m still totally shocked that she picked up on my tutorial to knit since she really threw me off guard with wanting to learn. But she did! She’s doing continental but she’s wrapping the yarn with her left hand… LOL. I showed her a headband that I had recently started and she was completely thrilled at the concept of knitting in the round. So I quickly set up some dpn’s and demonstrated how to cast on and move the stitches from the one needle to 4 and knit them with the 5th. Several times she thought she messed up by accidentally turning the work after working off a dpn or the dpn would accidentally stick into the work and she thought she’s knitted into there and there were needles hitting the floor pretty frequently but she was doing it! I was very impressed! She is 10. She saw my gadgets (interchangeable needles and needle gauge) and totally wants to come over because I have “all the really cool stuff”. Wow! She’s coming over tomorrow and we’ll have a knit night in front of the fireplace.

Isn’t it always great to bring another knitter into the fold? Your niece is lucky to have you to teach her.

How wonderful ! I Loved your story. I hope you both ahve a great knitting session in front of that fireplace:)

Oh, how fun!! And how wonderful for both of you! I agree, your niece is lucky to have you to teach and coach her!

What fun!! She looks like she is really enjoying her new enterprise. She also sounds like the knitting type if she is enthralled with all the paraphernalia. :slight_smile: