My next Task

My boss is having a baby and I wanted to whip something up real quick.

I thought of doing a diaper bag but did not like the free bags out there. So I thought of converting tote bag into a baby bag. I found one that calls for felting that I really liked but I have a couple of questions. (I have never felted before so…)
One…If I add pockets to this bag for bottles and try to felt it, will the pockets just meld with the rest of the project.
Two: Since it is going to be a diaper bag it might need to be popped into the washing machine. aslong as it is cold water everything should be okay? it should not felt and shrink anymore.

hmmm, is a felted diaper bag a bad idea? ponders :think:

Would recommend putting a lining in, and you can make the lining with pockets. As far as washing it in cold water after it’s felted, I’ve heard that it shouldn’t be a problem.