My next project

I am an avid scrapbooker. Saying that, I have bought a LOT of rolls of fibres to use on my scrapbooking pages. I then use about a metre of the fibre and now have rolls and rolls and rolls of 50gm balls left over. So I’ve decided that I will use all of them, knit little squares of each and then sew them together for an afghan. I’m not sure how it will turn out as some are feather, some regular yarn, some ‘ostrich’ feathers, and some of other textures. But it’s worth a try, right?

I wonder how long it will take me… hmm…

:smiley: Sounds like a good idea :thumbsup:

Go for it!
Post pics as you go!

I’m still trying to find the battery charger for my digital camera so I can post pics of my finished scarf. sigh

I’m beginning to think it up and walked away. LOL

How do you use fiber on you scrapbook pages? I’m not a scrapbooker so I’m not up on all that. [size=1]All my photos are in shoeboxes. [/size] Sounds like an fun project!

I use them in all different ways. I put them on tags

I stitch things onto my layouts, I use them as borders, embellishments… whatever strikes me really. :wink:

I love to scrapbook. It’s my “main” hobby and I hope to have my own business one day. if you’re interested.

*edited to add: This is not MY site… just one that showcases scrapbooking really well for anyone who is interested. LOL

How very clever you are! Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

I was just reading your signature… “no project is complete without a little cat hair”

I can identify!! I have two cats and a kitten, all ginger. And they all like my knitting! :rofling:

My 15yr old cat totally ignores my knitting. We will have a kitten moving in in a month…that should be fun. :rollseyes: :roflhard:

This probably won’t make you feel any better… but… My 4 month old kitten is a little terror when it comes to my knitting. I only like to knit in the lounge when I’m watching TV but the kitten spends most of his time there. It’s not a good combination as you can imagine. I even went as far as to give him his own ball of yarn to play with but I think that only encouraged him. :roflhard:

He sits there and bats at my knitting needles, too… LOL