My newly, renovated house!

Some of you know that we’ve been working on remodel/renovation of our house for quite awhile. We bought the property in June and really thought it would just take a couple of months… well, we moved into it January 21 and I just love it! :woot: :woot:

Please enjoy and let me know what you think! I just posted links to keep the space down…

If interested in seeing the pictures, send a PM, thanks for looking!

Wow, you’ve put in a whole lot of work. I am sure you a very proud of all your accomplishments. Great job!

Wow! You put in a lot of work and it shows! It looks fantastic!!

Wow! That is a lot of work and decision making. You are doing a great job. Enjoy your new home:cheering:

The first link didn’t work for me, said it was deleted or moved. The rest of them look wonderful! The LR window looks so much better and more open now. I LOVE ALL THE FLOORS!!!

Wow! What a lot of work in what was really a short time! GREAT job!

I had a hard time trying to read the text and view the picture because they go so fast, but what I saw looked great!

Beautiful job. It must be lovely to have everything in your new home as you like it.

The way the bathroom was before, is almost exactly like my current bathroom… Except mine is like shiny and clean and not in need of fixing… Except I’d love a bigger counter We even have the same shower door you had. Ours is brand new, not even a year old tho, and I love it. lol.

The “House Renovation 2007-2008” album is where the slideshow pics came from:

Thanks for the link, Mary!

Wow…you have done a wonderful job! I just love the deck and porch you’ve added. It makes a huge difference in the house outside!

I bet you are really enjoying the fruits of your labor. :yay:

There were times when we just wandered around trying to figure out what to do next. Times when we wanted to call somebody, but having to deal with it all ourselves to keep the costs down. We did find a local lumber yard that gave us contractor pricing and that really helped.

The decks were actually some of the first parts to get done…a man thing, I think and it’s not the size of men’s d-cks, that matters most, it’s the size of their DECKS! :teehee: The back one is so spacious and I love to sit out there and eat breakfast. The sun comes up in the back… so nice.

The one, major requirement that we all agreed on was lots of light and no dark colors. Past housing with high ceilings and very little light has forced us all to wear glasses. Our ceilings are 8’, good for lighting, insulation and general hvac efficiency. The floors were very dark from years of wax buildup on the varnish. We didn’t do any staining either, just sanded off the old finish and put fresh polyuerathane. We’ve got flourescent bulbs and fixtures. Ceilings are all white and trim is white.

Another thing we like is the food pantry. We had one in our rental house and they are nice. We didn’t build it in, but rather ordered one with nice, pull out drawers and shelving. Love the drawers in the cabinets that roll out, too. Great goodness, the cabinet ordering was a total pain but finally ended up with just what we needed and wanted. Dealing with Home Depot was a joke but contacted Kraftmaid and they were very helpful and quite attentive until we were satisfied.

:chair: Hilarious!

its beautiful. you have done a brilliant job.

we’re renovating as well, but the house we bought had no roof on it walls collapsing etc. huge job, thankfully my parents are builders its nearly done yey, after 2 very long years of living on a building site. its not fun is it.

your house looks stuning though. now you can relax and enjoy it.


That was an incredible amount of work! Everything looks terrific. You must be very, very proud! You should be on one of thise remodeling TV shows. Can I come over and have tea and knit with you? It looks so cozy I want to move in!!!

:woohoo: great ideas!!! lots of work.

Wow. What a lot of work you and your family have done. Everything looks great, now enjoy all your hard labour.

Why certainly! Would love to have ya! My husband kept fussing at me when I’d tell him I’d seen this or that on HGTV… “Now, Mary, this is not HGTV and we can’t do everything you see on TV”. LOL! I tried to get him to contact them and have them come help us! :wink:

Nice digs

:yay: it looks wonderful!!