My Newest Scarf with New Scarf Yarn

Here is my newest creation with a new scarf yarn that is absolutely beautiful. It is so soft, light and fluffy.

Beautiful. It even looks soft in the pictures. I’m sure it will look wonderful on.

Very pretty and very feminine colors.

Those are just beautiful! And like the little girl in [I]Despicable[/I] says, “It’s [U]so[/U] FLUFFY!!!”

Nice effect and pretty openwork stitch. Is it knitted? Looks lovely.

Oooooooo la la! Love them to pieces!

Well done! :muah:

What yarn did you use?

Thanks for sharing

Thank You. It is crocheted and is very easy and fast to make.

Always happy to share. It is made with Tango Yarn. I purchased it online from