My newest hairbrained solution

Yes, I am the one who figured out how to knit backwards so I wouldn’t have to purl!!! Anyway, while on vacation, I started another Wonderful Wallaby. This time my great instructor was not there to pick up the yarn to start the pocket and I was having a heck of a time doing it, even using a crochet hook. So, I got to thinking and soon I was off to WalMart! I bought one of those latch hooks you use to make rugs and it works wonderful!

Just thought I’d share…being away from the internet for three weeks is a terrible thing…


WHAT a NOVEL idea! YOU are a GENIUS!
need an emoticon of a smiley wearing a mortarboard

so, how do you knit backwards? :?eyebrow:

Yes, I want to know too—how do you knit backwards…because “inquiring minds always want to know”

I had to pick up some stitches when I knit a little tiny sweater that was supposed to be an egg cozy a while back. I ended up using a crochet hook. I like the latch hook idea, too, though!! Way to be innovative! :thumbsup:

Try this for backwards knitting:

Well, I am left handed and purling the right handed way did not feel right to me, so I sat and thought about how it would work if you turned the piece around and did it backwards, and basically it’s knitting from left to right instead of right to left, but you wrap the yarn over the needle instead. I am quite fast at this method and it makes me very happy!!


Amy also has a video on Knitting Backward. She calls it “Knitting Back” at the bottom of this page.