My newest felted bag

It is a sophie with a longer handle I also did one 6 stitch i-cord rather than the 2 twisted together I don’t know how it is gonna work out I haven’t used it yet.

Looks pretty! I love the potty seat next to it. Brings back memories. :smiley:

Lovely bag!! :thumbsup:

Those colors are wonderful!


Love, Love :heart:

Very cool!


Very pretty! :thumbsup:

The bag does look nice, but I also noticed the potty seat. I’m happy to report that I finally do not have one in the house anymore. I thought my youngest was going to be in pull-ups forever!!

I hear ya!My 2 year old has no interest in using the potty yet but he does use the seat to climb on and get into trouble!

I Loooove that colorway!! Great bag!!

I also noticed the potty… :wink: Unfortunately, my 2.5 yo. has tno interest in it either… :frowning: