My new stuuf kinda ot

well i just went to the yarn shop and got lots of new stuff, yay for me normaly id be all like ops now i have no momey but no! see i have saved up all the money that i would normaly spend on snacks, so i got some loly yarn and new needles and i think i lots a few pounds yay! and my friend who is trying to quit smoking asked me to teach her how to knit to keep her hands busy on brakes at work. lol if she saves up all fag money lets just say we would hava a lot of yarn on are hands…
list of things i got,
4 balls of extra soft baby yarn
some bambo neddles
and a 100 cotten chunky yarn
then some cheep acrylic

ok ok a bit more then my snack money but shh

Isn’t it fun to buy knitty things?! What a great idea, I think learning to knit will really help with quitting smoking! And you are so right, with the cost of ciggies now she will be able to buy yummy yarns :wink:

That’s a great idea of trying to quit smoking :cheering: keep those hands/fingers busy. Maybe bring some gum for her to chew or something at breaks…just a thought. Keep her hands and gums/mouth happy!

If only I could knit during the day, I wouldn’t be biting my nails. I’ve found that knitting has helped with that, but only after work, and I’m at work longer than I knit. :verysad:

But congrats on the new yarn! I’m hoping in the next week or so, once I really get the hang on knitting to go out and get some goodies and supplies. So I’ll share that feeling!