My New Stitch Markers!

I was inspired by Artlady’s post and decided to make my own stitch markers. This is what I have come up with so far:

my first set:

The start of my second set:

I’m getting better at the wraps, so I might want to redo the first set once I’m all done. I bought 4 different bead types two like the first set (greeny-blue and fuscia) and two like the second set, jade and amethyst. I plan on giving one of the sets to the friend who taught me to knit because I know she likes pretty stitch markers but she doesn’t want to pay for them :teehee:

Pretty bangles! Will make a neat gift for your knitting teacher.

THEY ARE JUST SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! :cheering: I am so happy I took the time to do all those photos! Thanks for sharing your beauties with us!



Oh, you have no idea! I sat there with your thread and went step by step through the pictures until I finished my first one.

Oooh, those are really pretty!

Oh those are very pretty - love the blue ones! ArtLady taught me too…I did just the same thing going through each step - thanks again ArtLady!

I make mine wrapping the tips of the pinwire arround a cheep old metal straight needle, then I can make the loops different sizes. I tend to use size 15, 10.5/11 and 8, they work well, I also have some that have smaller loops on the ends, so they can even be used for the smaller needles like sock needles.


Those are really pretty.

Here are the final two sets!

and this one is for my friend

Very pretty!! It’s addicting isn’t it? Lord, I think my BAS (Bead Acquisition Syndrome) is almost as bad as my YAS (Yarn Acquisition Syndrome)!!!

Those are gorgeous! I don’t know how I missed it, but would someone please tell me where to find Artlady’s stitch marker directions? :slight_smile:

Those are great! I know your friend will be thrilled to receive them!

:notworthy: You are most welcome! I was pleasantly surprised at how many KH-ers were inspired and motivated to make their own stitch markers from my little photo tutorial! It made it all worth the while.

Since then, I learned how to re-size my photos before posting them into Photobucket…so that the photos load more quickly on your screen. My apologies to those of you who have dial-up and the photos take so long to load. I know many areas in the USA and around the world don’t have access to high speed internet. When we move to Eastern Washington in a few years, I dread the dial-up access…but that is all there is over there. :cry: But I will be grateful for access of any kind!

I came online AFTER high speed was available, and it’s all I know… with the exeption of one summer, I used my husband’s Verizon cell phone as a modem connected to my laptop. It was dialup internet access, of course. Gads. It took so long to open email…I gave up opening anything except necessary business email…and I drained 3-9 hour batteries in less than a week. So annoying I never did it again. :eyes: I just wait til we get back to town.

HEREis a direct link to page 4 for the Custom Stitch Markers photo tutorial! So happy you can use the little photo tutorial! I went on over there a second ago, and I see that you found me…but I posted here anyways!