My new shopping bag!

I just finished my new mesh hobo bag (from and I love it

instead of knitting it 15" deep, I made it 13" and yet it still fits (as seen in the pic) my entire Christmas stash–three giant red hearts, one normal RH, one giant bernat boucle, two Vannas, two Carons, one skein of linen, ` and one Skein of LB Mystery. A Grand total of eleven skeins of yarn. I guess I’ll have to make two–one for yarn and one for the market!

Great Job … it looks very handy :slight_smile:

Looks great! It holds a lot, but I bet is crunches up into practically nothing when empty.

It really does. I can roll i up and it’s about the size of a softball

It looks great, and how nice that it holds so much stuff! :thumbsup:

Oh, that’s a wonderful bag! Big too!

I Love it! Anything that fits lots of stash is brilliant lol :slight_smile:

That is great! I love it…simple but elegant and very practical. Great work and I just might have to check out the pattern.

Kewl. Looks handy.

LOVE IT! :heart: Oh sigh, another thing on my TO-DO list! :teehee:

That IS cool! Will have to try that one, too. Love great big ole bags! Mary

I went to the free patterns (had forgotten I had signed up for it in the past) and looked at the pattern.
What kind of yarn did you use? It called for some kind of thread yarn.
The site has some really good patterns!:yay:

I just used what it called for–Aunt lydia’s denim crochet thread. I didn’t know what I would think about using it, but I actually really enjoyed working with it.

Great bag!! I bet it would be great for the beach too! All that sand would slide right out.:cheering: :cheering:

I wonder how many pounds it would hold up to? Your bag looks fantastic, and anything that holds stash is so worth while.

Looks great!

:happydance: It looks great!!