My New Patern on Ravlery

I wanted to share my new pattern with all the KnittingHelp folks!!

Check it out…

Utilitarian Faroese Shawl

Thanks! :thumbsup: I might have to knit one for our freezing Savannah winters. :roflhard: Looks like just the right thing.

That is a BEAUTIFUL shawl. I love it, not to lacy. The lacy ones are so pretty but not practical for chores. That is perfect! :woot:

I love the shawl, just bought the pattern.

Thanks ~

What a beautiful, cozy and very practical shawl pattern that is! Nice job!


Oh, I really like that! I’ve been wanting to make a Faroese Shawl - this will be perfect–

:muah: THANK YOU ALL!!! :muah:
If you got the pattern, make sure you link up to the project page on Ravlery when you cast on! I love to see FO’s

Nice work and it looks warm, too