My new knitting group!

Hey folks! I live next to a little store that’s turned into a breakfast place, coffee shop, and old time natural foods grocery. Last spring Peg, one of the employees there, told me that there had been a knitting group, but it had disbanded when the weather got nicer. As it got colder again, I asked Peg if the group was going to start back up. She said she was waiting for someone to tell her, as well. Finally I just got tired of waiting and told her that we should just start sometime, so we picked yesterday (Saturday, Dec 16) as the day to start.

Well I’m proud to say that we had a wonderful first group turnout! Four knitters besides myself and Peg showed up:
A teenager working on the scarf she started years ago;
A sheep farmer who also worked at the store and knitted in between customers;
A woman from the community who responded to our ad in the weekly store email and was making a felted vase;
and a Man! He was bearded and working on a pair of socks, and said that he was glad there was a group because he doesn’t have time to knit anymore unless he makes a point to do it. He’s known around the community for making wooden spoons and utensils, and his “day job” is working as a substance abuse counselor for a criminal rehabilitation program.

It was such an exciting turnout! I think I’m going to bring my laptop next time and show them videos from this website when they have questions, since I seemed to be the most advanced knitter there (though not the most experienced). If we get enough people I might buy the CD and start lending it out. Anyways, I just had to share!!! So exciting!


Good for you…ain’t it great to get together with others of like mind?

Diane :happydance:

Aylaanne! Congrats! That’s wonderful for you. I’ve been looking for this too. So many, well just about all except for Seaport Yarns which is way downtown in the financial district where I hate to go, yarn shops here only have knitter groups who have bought yarn in the shop or take classes. I’m hoping to get a group going next summer up near my house in the Catskills. It must’ve been a great feeling to get together with new knitters! Specially now during the holiday season. :cheering:

That’s awesome! I belong to a group, but only one other woman and I are very regular. It’s still fun though.

I would encourage them to buy their own CD if at all possible. It will be a plug for the forum and buying the CD helps support the forum as well. :hug:

Oh, that sounds like fun! May I ask, which town are you in? I’m in Uxbridge, MA and I would be interested in attending a group! I’ve been knitting for years and years and it would be nice to personally know other knitters. :waving:


I’m all the way out in Ashfield, which I believe is quite a drive from Uxbridge. I’m West of Worcester. :wink: However, if you’re ever out this way, you’re more than welcome to attend! Saturdays at 2pm.

As for the CD, I’m hoping that if I buy a CD and bring my laptop to work to show people the website, they might be encouraged to buy their own CDs as well. I’m all about supporting the website and the forum. :smiley:

:cheering: :cheering: :muah:

Sounds like fun - way to spread the knitting love!
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: