My New Knitting Blog

I just started to knit, and have started a blog where I will post pics of all the things I’m working on. :x: I’m a beginner, so you won’t see marvelous sweaters, or blouses, not yet atleast. But do feel free to leave comments and check it out now and then. I promise I will try to post as often as I can, which is about each night. Enjoy!:balloons:

:hug: Hello
cant wait too see what you make

I have made 4 projects and am currently working on #5, a hat to match my scarf. Check out my blog, I have posted pics of all my finished projects, and the yarn that my hat will be made of.

Very pretty! I must tell you though that you’ll get more response by putting photos here in the What’cha Knittin’ forum. I for one rarely click outside links. Just too much clicking and loading of pages. :shrug:

Thanks, I’ll try that…hope I don’t get disconnected, been having internet problems

Hi Topacio,
I saw your blog. Looks nice! When I learned to knit last year I also bought Caron Simply Soft yarn and Red Heart. I still buy yarn at Michael’s, especially Lily Sugar n Cream.

You can also get more visitors by adding your pictures on [B]Ravelry[/B]. It’s searchable by yarn, type of project… I’ve looked up projects made with Lily sugar and cream yarn and discovered more knitting blogs that way.
Are you on Ravelry?

My name on ravelry is Topacio. :slight_smile: