My new knit-on-the-go pouch! - Update pg 4

You know what, I think I will (make my own that is :mrgreen:) and I think I’ll make one (or two!) for my mother who is a wonderful knitter. These would make such a great gift for her! She’s making me a pair of socks right now-in such a gorgeous color and a cabled pattern too :hug:I have a great Mom :heart:.

Thanks again for the inspiration, Kristin!

That’s a gorgeous little bag, Kristin! :inlove: If I ever get my sewing machine uncovered I’ll have to give it a try. The ziploc I use now for small projects just isn’t cutting it. :teehee:

It’s gorgeous! I have the GoKnits one, and it always seemed simple to make. I’ll not buy another. I’ll make one. Great choice of fabric! samm

Beautiful! I could see myself buying one as well as getting one for a gift for a fellow knitter. What price range are you thinking?

Sent you an email Silver.

What a beautiful bag! I’m a bagaholic. :eyes: I needed this post! :thumbsup: