My new kitty friend

This is a photo of my new kitty named Kes. She currently lives at my friend’s house but she has 8 cats and doesn’t feel like Kes is getting enough attention. She’s not terribly outgoing so she is kind of in the background. She asked me if I’d like to take her on a trial basis to see if we are compatible and I was thrilled. I miss my kitties almost as much as I miss my daughter!
She’ll be coming to live at my house this weekend… Tomorrow it’s off to buy toys, litter box and other kitty things!

Congratulations! Kes is gorgeous, and I’ll bet she’ll really thrive having a pet human all to herself!

She is so pretty!! I’m sure you two will be perfect for each other! be sure to update us on her progress!

Miss Kes is very pretty! Congrats! More pics soon, please!

yes yes yes! more pics please! she looks very pretty, congrats to you and miss kes!:muah:

What a beautiful kitty! I too have eight kitties, although none are background ones…they all know exactly how to push my buttons. LOL! I hope that your dear Kes blooms with being a “single” kitty. Please keep us updated on how the two of you do. :slight_smile:

Debra in NC

Awwww! Spoil her! :slight_smile:

She’s beautiful!! She’ll “own” you in no time flat!! Enjoy.

Such a beautiful kitty. You two will have so much fun and she will become the spoiled only child, which is fine. We have one, a dog, and she gets all our attention - thrives on it and so do we. Keep us posted.

Awww she’s a beauty! Looks like she might be at least part Himalayan or Ragdoll? I want to hold her and bury my face in her neck! :hug:

She reminds me of my kitty, Marshmallow.

She’s absolutely gorgeous!

She looks like a snowshoe cat. I used to have one named Jones and he was the best cat ever. He was such a lover and followed me everywhere. I miss him so much! Here’s a picture of him not wanting me to take a picture of him :roflhard:

She’s a very pretty kitty!

Aww, she’s cute! Enjoy your kitty.

I am currently without a camera, hope to get one soon and then loads of pictures!!!

I’m not sure exactly what she is but I agree. An possibly siamese but she doesn’t really have that sleek siamese face. Your Marshmallow is gorgeous!

Pretty typical of cats… camera shy. He’s a real beauty!

She’s beautiful!!! How old is she? How rotten will she be?

She’s really pretty! I know you two will hit it off.


Not sure how old she is other than she’s an adult and she will be as spoiled as I can make here… that’s what cats are for!
She’s going to be arriving tomorrow morning… I can’t wait:woohoo: