My New Home Page Is Up

Due to the slow economy and resulting slow business I had to drop my previous provider. I have now set up a site on a free hosting server, including webcam feed (when available).

The site is pretty rough right now and is a work in progress. I’ll be editing and adding to it as I go, but it’s something for now.

I’ve added a link to it in my sig.

Cool!! I’m off to check it out! :thumbsup:

Such a nice pic of you! :waving: Mason!

I went and looked at some of your pictures-your sweater is looking really good!!

And the Gas Prices…roflmbo!!!

Looking good Mason. Just had a peek at the webcam. You look like you have lost weight, hope you are feeling okay.

Thanks, I’ve probably lost a couple of pounds but I think it’s mostly just that I shaved off my beard:rofl:

Ooh, I can see you on the webcam :slight_smile: You look like you could do with a hug though :hug:

Well I would never turn down a hug, but actually I am feeling much better today. Just concentrating on some things I am working on.

Cool deal Mason! :thumbsup: Just checked out the site. BTW - looks like that sweater is coming along nice :slight_smile:

Glad to see you’ve got something more doable. I’ll be checking in, it’s fun to see what you are doing… hope that doesn’t sound like I’m a stalker…:oops:

The sweater is really looking great!

:waving: Mason, thanks for link … will have to check it out in a bit.

BTW, your sweater is coming along quite well :slight_smile:


Excellent sweater! Will we see it modeled by you???

Thanks, I’m sure I’ll shoot a pic of it being worn when it’s finished.

Was thinking of the problems you’d been having with your truck when I heard about this on the news today - bet that drivers really p****d off!

Well there are bad days and then there are really bad days. :rofl: