My new 'daughter'!

Today we got a dog!! :woot:

She is called Sasha, she is 12 months old and she is a Staffordshire terrier cross breed.

We got her from a rescue charity called Dogs Trust (

So this thread is to celebrate my new family member! :yay:

Now I wonder if I could manage to knit her something…:teehee:

Congratulations. Puppies are great companions.:cheering:

that’s exactly what my baby did when i picked him up at the flea market seven years ago. that was back when they still had breeders there.

i think you should knit her a scarf, unless she’s extremely playful and would just rip it apart. in which case, i say go for a vest. :slight_smile:

She is quite playful. I think maybe a vest or coat type thing if I can advance my skills enough!

Awwww she is so sweet . She looks nice and cosy and settled in.

Rita :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Looks like she quickly made herself at home!

Congratulations!! What a wonderful new addition to your family!! She’s a cutie pie!!

Congrats on your new “daughter”. She is adorable!

What a doll:woot:

She’s a cutie. Give her a pat on the head for me.:muah:

Congratulations! She looks so peaceful in her new home… Enjoy your new “baby” :woot:

what a cutie!! congrats!!

Your new “dog-ter” is very cute! :teehee:

Thanks everyone! :mrgreen:

She is settled mostly but we’re having some issues at night with whining and her jumping over the baby gate we have on the kitchen! :shock:

I’ve just taken her for a nice long walkies to register her with a Vet and have got some D.A.P spray. I’ve heard good things about it. Has anyone used it before?

What is DAP spray?

I hope it works!

Post some more doggie pics!

Ok :mrgreen:

Sasha listens…

Sasha looks…

Sasha poses!


So cute! If you are still having trouble with the baby gate, be sure to watch the Dog Whisperer (Natl Geographic channel) he’s great at teaching you how to set boundaries and is especially useful in the beginning.