My new baby girl

Last night I thought we were going to the airport to pick up a friend visiting from Boston, well this is what met me instead! My boyfriend surprised me with a new baby girl; she a cardigan welsh corgi…unnamed as of right now. My other corgi Sax, and the cat BK already love her. She is high spirited, and loving right out the crate. She is amazing. I’ll post better pics another time. Thanks for looking at my cutie.

Congratulations on the new family member. I’m sure you’ll come up with a wonderful name for her.

Aww she’s so cute! Congratulations! :yay:

I have another knitter friend from my social knitting group that has 3 Cardigan Welsh Corgis. She shows and trains them. Sometimes the calmest one gets to come visit us on knit nights.

Ahhhh, she has such a great personality oozing right out of my monitor! You can see it in her eyes! What an adorable baby girl! Congrats from one dog lover to another!

Congrats on the new Corgi! They’re sweet little dogs. We have a tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi. They try to herd everything that moves, including cats and pieces of paper blowing across the lawn. lol

That’s so sweet. My male Sax, is extremely well behaved. He would be perfect for a friendly knitting get together. :slight_smile: I love all animals, especially dogs, but especially my Corgi babies. They are amazing companions, they keep us entertained every single day, and they make every single day of my life brighter.

Oh man, you wouldn’t believe how much personality this little girl has. She was immediately friendly and loving the moment she met us. It hasn’t even been here 24 hours yet and she is well adjusted to our household, including our male Corgi that just had oral surgery yesterday and wasn’t in the best of moods. She licked and loved him whenever he would let her. Amazingly, my old cat has taken to her as well and they are already best buds. She slept all night too! Until 630AM not a peep out of her and no accidents either.

Pembrokes are such little cuties too! I just don’t agree with the docking of tails (or ears for some breeds). I typically like to adopt but my bf got our first Corgi as a surprise and I am just in love with them now, and he decided I needed another surprise.

Never argue or complain about a man’s actions when he’s giving you surprises and he will continue to do it so that he can see the smile on your face.

He has an awesome heart to surprise you with something like a dog as wonderful as that.

What a sweetie you have—actually 2 sweeties including your BF.

I’ve handled Cardi’s but owned only Pembrokes. Your pup must have been shipped by a breeder so she may have an AKC name already. Doesn’t matter. I got to name some of mine and the best name I ever came up with for a Corgi was 'Animated Short Subject" - Annie for short.

Your first one Sax, of course, makes me think of ‘5th Ave.’ or Charlie Parker, however, I’m a little warped at times so pay no attention to me.
Hope you have many happy years with your pets. Corgi, thy name is entertainment.

Whew, I forgot how much work a 12 week old puppy can be. Dang, I’m tired this week!

We named her Jazz by the way, to go with Sax(ophone).

My two beautiful babies:

How is Sax dealing with the new puppy?

My friend’s two Corgis, Tango and Dancer, were NOT impressed when little Baxter showed up. :lol:

What a wonderful gift and surprise from a great BF. Sounds as though the new girl on the block has really settled in to her life with all of you. Congrats - Dogs Rule.

P.S. Oh, love the name, Jazz. Jazz and Sax, looks like they already ‘dig’ each other. :cool:

Well, unfortunately Sax had to have unexpected oral surgery on Friday, then he had an allergic reaction that night, and a few hours later we bring home a puppy! No doubt he was overwhelmed, and quite grouchy. He wasn’t too happy at all, snapped at her a few times (after she nipped him on the butt/sides with those razors in her mouth). On Sunday he started feeling better, both from the surgery, and accepting Jazz. Since then, they have been great together. He now has a playmate almost 24/7, so he’s loving it.

Thanks. My bf used to play the Sax, not professionally, just as a hobby through high school, and early college and he loves jazz music. So I came up with Sax, to make his name special to my bf. With her, he wanted to keep the theme going. :slight_smile:

They are loving each other now. Sax doesn’t like when we take her somewhere he can’t see her…even upstairs or outside for a quick potty.

By the way I LOVE all animals, especially my 3 babies, so I will talk about my them all day if I can. I can’t have children, so these are my surrogates, and I love them as if they were human children. :slight_smile:

THREE babies? What’s the third?

I love all animals, too. I missed my sweet Marshmallow still and it’s been a year since she passed at the age of 19. I don’t think my extra sensitive dog would get on well with a new kitty so we are waiting. Marshmallow is the one in my avatar.

An absolutely brilliant choice for your new girl’s name! Now, it really makes me think of Charlie Parker. Good grief, in NY they still have a 2 day jazz festival in his honor every Aug. I have a feeling you know that already.

Your girl might be a jazz ‘dancer’ too. Otherwise, why would you need 2 strong looking hands just to contain her in the frame and probably in the same room as Sax? :l>)

I enjoy hearing Corgi names. I’ve had a few Pembrokes. Rowdy - Bravo - Reggie and Cozy (actually Cosi as in Mozart’s’ Cosi fan Tutte’.) Loosely translated, “They are all alike”.

Good luck and remember they’re only little once. Jean

I’m sorry about your kitty. Losing a companion is just so hard especially when you’ve had them in your life so long. What a cute face Marshmallow has. :frowning:

Third is the cat, BK aka Baby Kitty, he’s my tiny little black cat. He’s about 8 yrs old. I rescued him as a kitten, and wow, has the poor little guy been through some rough times, but he is the absolute sweetest cat, that loves any person or animal. He’ll go to anyone and love them.

Also, as I am typing this, Jazz stole Sax’s tennis ball, and they have been circling the table like sharks. Not running, just slowly walking. I’m wondering how long they’ll keep going. lol

Thanks, and yes she is sure quite a few handfuls! I’m so spoiled for my well behaved Sax, it’s just hard to remember he was like this too. You had some good names too. :slight_smile: