My new Addi Turbos (... and KP options or Addi clicks?)

Well… I’ve been injured for the past 4 days (horrible shoulder spasm - doesn’t sound bad, but trust me I can barely get my body out of bed because I’m in so much pain) so I’ve been knitting on the couch a LOT. Well… knitting and nodding off cuz of all the meds I’m on.

Anyway, I decided I needed a new pair of circs because I wanted to make my mom a lacey-ish cowl and I didn’t want to have to deal with constantly moving stitches around on DPNS. My wonderful partner usually sighs and moans everytime I need a new pair of needles, but this time he was eager to please me (might be because I’ve been somewhat of a meany-face lately). So I told him I’d LOVE to try Addi Turbos and that he’d have to venture across town to my favorite LYS to get them. Much to my surprise he ran out the door!!

Anyway… the point is I <3 them… a LOT!
So my Christmas list has their interchangeable set at the top.
Up until this point I hated metal needles, I’m not sure why, but bamboo always seemed to slide easier (I know that’s not supposed to be the case).

Maybe it’s the drugs talking, but I just thought I’d give my “hip hip hooray!!!” to Addi :o)

That is so awesome! What a sweet guy to go buy your Addis.

I recall my first pair of Addis. I was so amazed by how fast and quiet they were! :cheering:

I love Addi needles. :slight_smile:

It’s funny how starting to knit changes all kinds of things…including the stuff we get excited about! If anyone had told me five years ago that I’d be capable of getting excited about a set of knitting needles… :smiley:

P.S. Feel better soon!

I’m jealous! I’d love to have the Addi Clicks. Maybe someday. Lately I’m also liking bamboo. Decisions decisions. Hope you feel better soon. I totally get being a meany-face when you’re in pain.

I hope you feel better soon, Evan! I totally sympathize with your predicament. I went through my daughter’s shoulder injury last year…Mom, can you come over and shampoo my hair? Mom, I need to change the sheets. Mom, can you drive me to PT three days a week?, etc., etc, etc.

Would love to see a photo of your mom’s cowl.


My partner tends to be the encouraging force behind me getting new things. I’ll say that I have an interest in something and he’ll say. Do you want to go get them. We can go now. Secretly I think he just wants to go to the craft store himself so he can look around. But he’s overly encouraging when it comes to my knitting.

I’ll have to check out the needles though. I HATE bamboo. HATE HATE HATE. Aluminium is too slippery for some of the wools that I work with, so I end up losing stitches on occassion.

Sorry to hear that your injured and holed up. Get better.

Congrats on your new needles Evan! Sorry to hear about your shoulder though. It’s exhausting being in pain all the time. Sending you get better vibes! :slight_smile: Yes it is amazing the little things we get so excited about. Makes life so much fun doesn’t it? LOL

Here’s hoping you feel better soon Evan! I went through a bout of tennis elbow this spring, and it hurt to knit! Glad to hear you are at least able to do that…especially when you get new knitting gifts! :present:

Thanks guys!!!

My shoulder is getting better or at least that’s what I’m telling myself since I have HAVE to teach tonight… it’s choreography night and I can’t afford to lose the money.

I’m currently trying to decide between spending the money on the Addi clicks or just getting the KP options (obviously one leaves more money for yarn!). Any thoughts?

I hope to get over to Germany or Switzerland at some point soon and buy a set of Addi Clicks over there because it’s soooo much cheaper there…will have more to say about them at that point, I’m sure!

Hope that shoulder’s on the mend. Glad it hasn’t interfered too much with knitting.

I was debating which interchangeables to buy last week. Here’s my thread with pros/cons for each set that I found, and lots of advice from other helpful posters:

I ordered one Options needle to try it and am just about to post a thread about it.
Good luck making your decision!

Hope you’re on the mend and good-to-go soon, Evan! :waving:

The Addi CLICKS have two styles of casing. The original BIG BOX that lots of folks hated (very non-portable) and the new packaging! Make mention that you want the NEW packaging, if you do, that is!

I mention this because if your closest LYS invested into CLICKS with the BIG BOX, they’re gonna sell them regardless. I haven’t heard that Addi is allowing LYS’s to ‘trade in’ the BIG BOX packaging for the new, slim, trim, portable packaging!


Don’t get me wrong. [B]It is a nice box,[/B] but totally non-portable!

Feel better soon Evan…and don’t overdo it with the Choreo Class!!

glad you found a pair of circs that work so well for you! I hope you are feeling better by now… :slight_smile:

Jenn :smiley: