My needles that i made

hey looky what i made!!!

one of my needles n the cirs is kind of off. it is hard to get them perfectly the same!

Wow that looks great!

I’ve been away for the forum all summer so I must not have met you when you joined. I recognized your paper though and thought “that looks familiar!!” I live in High Ridge, not too far from you :slight_smile:

Hey koolbreeze those turned out neat!! I started making some the week before but my DPNs had to be careful with size 3 one broke during the sanding process :frowning: lol I can’t find a rod to make size 5 DPNs. How did you get the circulars? I made reg. needles too and gonna put a little painted thingy on top when I get back to them :rollseyes:

I’m impressed!!! I would never attempt circulars. :happydance:

i changed my name from cpolitte. i rememeber you.

dustin~ i almost had to make some that small, but my grandmother gave me hers!!

i got the idea from here

Ingrid~ they are EASY to make!!!

Wow!!! That just rocks!! Someday I shall make them. My only dilemma is how do you make your wood smooth where the yarn won’t have too much friction and not such a steep hike over the tip? Did that make sense?

Wow!! That is just too cool!

hmmmm. i think i understood…extra fine sand paper. i don’t like reallysmooth needlesthough so i left them a little rough. but not a whole lot. thanks

~update~ i colored them with ink and i’m not sure it won’t come off later so i coverd them with Aleene’s Tacky glue. but its not tacky at all and it makes them smoother too.

Brilliant! Very nice job. :cheering:

thanks Silver! that means a lot coming from you! :notworthy:

I have been working on this problem for a while and just can’t seem to get it! :wall: How exactly did you do the smooth connection between the needle and the weed wacker cord? What am I missing?

Question #2 – How did you color the needles? I am sorry to be so dense :help:

THanks a lot! and if the answers are just so obviously obvious, you could PM me to avoid boring the rest of the board to death…

Karen W

Hey we all start somewhere!! i don’t mind answering questions.

i tapered the wood down as close as i could get it to the weed wacker cord with the dremel (fine sanding head) then i used Aileen’s Tacky glue. i brushed a glob of it around the wood and the cord and it just smoothed itself out.

i don’t know it you want to try this but i used stamping ink to color them with. it was all i had! :oops: i think i’m going to try colored wood stain next.

hopes this helps!!! and good luck! :wink:

Wow those look great! I’m not that talented yet!

I’m totally wanting to make some knitting needles now!! :thinking: I’ve never seen anyone making their own circs–and it’s fascinating!! We have such a great talented group. :inlove: And they all love to share ideas-
it’s so wonderful, I’d like to say
THANKS, AMY!!! for giving us!!:happydance: :happydance: :heart: :heart:

Thanks for link!! I don’t know when I’ll get brave enough to try the cir. LOL I have knitted with any of mine but they feel pretty smooth I gradually went down to fine paper and with the left over rod I made cables although I haven’t ever done anything that calls for cables but I want to LOL… Its a great idea esp. when you can get the rod for so cheap means more money for my yarn which it needs it :rollseyes:

i can do stuff like this better than i can knit. thats why i was so quick to do them! but they are fairly easy!!! EVERYONE should do at least one! :happydance:

here they r dry

LOVE the circs… I was just batting that around in my head the other day…Nice to see that great minds think alike!!
BTW, tried out my crayon-colored needles the other day with some white yarn - no problem! The color didn’t transfer at all (most of it gets rubbed off when you polish them, but I was still a little worried)… And they were sooo much smoother than the oiled ones…
Are those circs painted, or lacquered? I know you said you used ink (??right?) but they look so shiny…( [size=2]edited… Tacky Glue, gotcha :rollseyes: I need to read a little slower, apparently.[/size]…)

That’s so kewl, koolbreeze!! You inspire me to want to make a set of dpns! :wink:

well the glue wasn’t slick enough so i sanded it off. what did you use to polish them? i was looking thou my stash of wood stuff and i don’t have anything! i thought about lacquar but didn’t have any on hand. crayon… now u know u have tell how u did them… i have plenty of crayons!!! and we need pics! :lol:

Here’sanother thread misstialouise started on handmade needles, where I explained how I colored them.
I usually rub mine w/Old English (oil furniture polish) but I read somewhere on here that food-grade mineral oil (the kind you treat your butcher block with) works really well too.
The crayon ones were a little sticky at first, but I knitted a bunch with some acrylic yarn, and they smoothed right out.