My mystery bag of yarn has arrived!

It is not what I thought it would be it had lionbrand wool ease and homespun and some funny looking stuff I did get a little pretty cotton and a hank of cascade so it wasn’t a total loss I will post a pic later .

Wool-ease is okay, but homespun! Gah! :shock:

Yeah, homespun, ick. I just put a fairly good sized bag of Homespun in the back of dh’s truck the other day (from my early days of knitting, when homespun seemed like a good idea) so he could take it to work (he’s manager of a Goodwill store). I don’t mind wool-ease, though. I got a ton of it a year or so ago, that dh brought home from work. Did I mention that Goodwill is the best place ever???

I got some Andean silk from knitpicks last week that I love I am making the Irish hiking scarf right now and then I am buying enough to make myself a sweater I wish I would have used the money that I spent on that bag for more Andean silk oh well!!! I guess it was a learning expierience.

so i’m not the only one who feels that way about homespun? heheh… i’ve got some from christmas from a really sweet friend who was sooo excited that i knit her something… but YEAH… i cant even FORCE myself to do something w/it right now (i’ve tried a couple of times)

Ah, that’s a shame. The Homespun, I mean. I’m glad you like the rest, though.

I am glad it’s not a total loss. I would like to see a photo too. How much did you pay? 30 bucks?

I have to agree, Homespun was created by a non-knitter with a sense of humor…


Yeah it was 30.00 plus shipping I am also throwing in a pic of my scarf.

Thanks for sharing ! I like your scarf :smiley:
My next project is a scarf too.

I’m loving the look of that big hank of lavendar yarn :inlove: Your scarf is gorgeous :thumbsup:

I love the purple cascade! soo pretty :slight_smile: I am not at all a fan of homeshun either but I wanted to let you know that as annoying as it is to knit with on its own, I made my grandmas shawl with some homeshun, wool ease, and some fuzzy yarn held together and used size 19 needles. It didn’t split or anything and the shawl went really fast. so just an idea to get rid of it :slight_smile:

And as they say, you live and you learn!

This is where I got a couple of grab bags. Nice stuff, too, if you want to have another go at it. Seem to be on sale, as well.

Grab bag on sale?

Wow…the scarf is gorgeous.

Maybe you could put the homespun over on the trade forum if you really don’t want it. Sorry it wasn’t what you expected!

A grab bag of yarn - how fun! :slight_smile: Sorry you got so much of something you don’t like. Which ones are the homespun? I saw some last night at Hobby Lobby and their Homespun was all multicolored.

I love your scarf! Is that pattern avaiable on-line? :mrgreen:

the homespun is the fuzzy yellow stuff there. it feels wonderful but is difficult to work with and doesn’t last sadly.

that scarf is the Irish Hiking scarf which can be found on . I would link you directly but you really should look around that yummy site if you haven’t already. it is at the bottom of the free patterns section. That has been one of my favorite sites since i first started knitting and all but one of my computers has her wallpapers on it.

(sorry to jump in and answer for you! :blush: )

I was about to ask what homespun is =P I don’t think I’ve ever seen it / used it!

Thank you, Brenda! :mrgreen: I’ve just spent some time at that website and love it. Already set my new wallpaper and bookmarked that page. :cheering: