My mother's sweater ~ WIP

I was going to wait to put this topic up once I got the pictures in place, but that has proved to allow me to procrastinate even longer.

I am working on a sweater for my mother. I’ve finished the back and the front and 1 sleeve. I did the front and 1 sleeve this past week.

I’ve got 1 sleeve, and the mock collar (which is a HUGE amount of knitting) to do.

Plus, at this point all the finishing. Once I have the other sleeve knit, I will do all the finishing and pick up the mock collar.

Anyhow. So far, its been about 25 hours of knitting work.

And, because I started this project before I learned Continental knitting, I am having to do this American style. That frustrates me because I know I could be done it the other way, but I don’t want to frog what I have done. And I can’t swatch it right in Continental.

I want to get this done by next week.

Then I have 3 other promised projects to do before I can do one for me. I have started turning down people’s requests. In 5 years, I’ve only knitted two things for me, and I am fed up with that!

good luck with finishing it! I know exactly how you feel. I’m making the Leo sweater for my husband (Size Large) and i’ve got the front and back and 13 inches of 1 sleeve done and it is taking FOREVER!!! I have so many other projects I wanna work on but it will take even longer to finish it.

good luck again with your sweater and I can’t wait to see pics :slight_smile:

I have the pictures on the camera. But I have to upload them to the Desktop (since I let the kids play on that one).

I am naughty and use the “school” computer to surf the web. :lol: I don’t want to fill this computer with our pictures.

But getting on the Desktop is hard… I have to fight my DH, my DS, and my DD.

Here are some pictures as I am finally on the right computer. Hopefully this method works!

It appears to be working. First is where the sweater was, currently there is one sleeve knit. Then I tried to show what the texture looks like, and last is my sweater (which I hate) that inspired this knit.

The picture of my sweater has a larg portion of the collar clipped back. I followed the pattern but the bulk of the collar causes the whole thing to slide off my shoulders. I have bought some elastic to knit into my mother’s sweater to hopefully avoid this situation.

I have one sleeve and the collar left. (the collar is the worst part to knit).

Also, I can’t frog this yarn. It won’t come apart, so I have to be careful as I knit!

Looks nice and warm!