My moss stitch is a mess. Please help!

I’m a self-taught knitter who’s been doing this for about a week. I’ve gotten good at the long-tail cast on, the knit stitch and the purl stitch. I can do the knit and purl stitch row after row on their own perfectly (a row of knit or a row or purl repeatedly)The trouble comes when I try to alternate knit and purl stitches to make the moss stitch. All I end up with is a row of mess! I can see some stitches but nothing that looks like a pattern and it’s condensed so that I can’t see individual rows. I’ve tried going slowly and watched videos over and over again with not change. I know it’s just something small that I’m doing wrong but I have no idea what. Is there any way you can help me? Would it help if I took pictures?

Im new as a knitter too and am interested in your dilema CountryMama so Im very keen on hearing the solution, I think pictures would really help to get the advice you need. Since your problem has difficulty being specific about the core of the problem visual evidence will definately assist in less guess work. :slight_smile:

P.S. Love your user name!

I’ll try and get some pictures to help…it’s hard to explain how it goes from pretty to a mess in a matter of one row.

This thread shows how to post a photo in here, the Flikr instructions were a bit different when I did it but hopefully it will help.

Purl side
Knit side
Moss stitch almost taking shape (I hope)
Everything is such a mess I can’t get the next row started! What happened?

It looks like when you moved the yarn back to front or to the back you took it over the needle instead of between the needles. That adds extra sts and will throw you off. Moss stitch is knitting what look like purl sts and purling what look like knit sts on the row you’re doing, so maybe you need help identifying what they look like. This sticky thread has some pictures. There’s also a video for seed st (same thing more or less) on the Tips page.

Here is a video of Moss st that may help. And also one of seed st. Basically, seed st is the same as moss but it alternates on every row whereas moss st usually alternates every two rows.

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Yes, looks like when you switched from knit to purl you put the yarn over the needle instead of between the two. You will knit a stitch, then bring the yarn to the front of the work BETWEEN the two needles, then do your purl stitch. It helps if you will learn how to recognize a knit and a purl stitch. Knit stitches look like little letter v’s. Purl stitches look like turtlenecks on a sweater. Your work isn’t bad for somebody who’s only been doing it for a week. Don’t feel bad. Every one of us has been a beginner at one time. You’ll get it. Just keep trying.