My mom says she is proud of me!

DH, DS and me are at my moms, and i was knitting my MILs stocking for christmas. My older sister was messing with me abou tmy knitting (she was just kidding, htough, she actually thinks its really cool) and my mom said, “you know, i am really proud of you!” i said, "why"
and she said bc i knit! she thinks its really awesome that i knit and thinks i am very talented! :happydance:

compliments form mom…does it get better than that? :thumbsup:

That totally rocks. I think sometimes we forget how amazing it is that we create things with our hands. A lot of people can’t. But compliments from mom are the best!

:heart: (((MOMS))) :heart:

Moms always know what to say! My mom always gives me those little “booster” moments, usually right at the EXACT time I need it!

From the Mom end of things, I’m pleased that you appreciated what she said so much!

That’s so lovely. It’s the best when those close to you appreciate what you do. :balloons:

Oh yeah, I am so glad that you are so happy & appreciate what she said…no greater gift than a Mom :wink: