My mom ruined her present (kind of)

I started knitting washcloths for my mom last weekend. I planned on making a bunch of them for her and getting some really nice soaps and bath stuff for her for Christmas. Then my mom called me on Monday ans asked if I would mind knitting her a couple of washcloths for her birthday, which is coming up on October 10th! Of all the things??!! Was she secretly spying on me? #1 I already got her something else for her birthday and #2 she said she would like blue washcloths and the ones I have done so far are a sort of speckled cream color and I have no blue cotton yarn nor do I currently have much money to go get some (even the little bit it would take for a washcloth unfortunately :sad: ) I kind of beat around the bush about it since I didn’t want to say that I already was making washcloths for her. I guess my beating around the bush made her think my answer was no so she said “Nevermind sweetie, I would really rather just have a card anyway.” So now I feel so bad. I feel like now if I send her the gift I already made her she will think I did it because she asked rather than from my own heart and that the only way to reconcile this is to tell her I was already making her washcloths for Christmas and ruin the present :verysad:

Send her a couple of the ones you’ve already done…laugh and tell her that great minds think “almost” alike…that you already had these done before you knew she had a color in mind…and that next time, maybe she’ll get some blue ones :wink:

Save the birthday present for Christmas, add a few more dishcloths or matching dishtowels…she’ll love it!..that’s what I’d do anyway.


Yep, I agree with Pam. :thumbsup:

How about making her Christmas present her birthday present and making the birthday present her Christmas present.

I agree with Pam as well. She’ll probably laugh and still be thrilled you made her the cloths.

I agree!

Yup, me too. Give her the ones you have done, then make some blue ones for christmas along with the things you bought her.

Thanks everyone! I don’t know why I didn’t think about that in the first place. Ever had one of those days when you just can’t put two and two together :rofl: Sometimes I just get stuck with an idea and my mind just won’t let me get around it for a bit. :slight_smile:

Mommies don’t care if they know what they’re babies are getting them for b-day and Christmas gifts (no matter what your age). Mommies are full of love. That’s what makes them Mommies. :slight_smile:

Tell her straight that you’re already making her washcloths for Christmas and she’ll just have to wait until then. She’ll laugh and say “Okay, darling.” Mom was just trying to give you a cheap gift idea. I love Moms like that. Mine’s like that too. In fact, she told me the other day that taking up knitting was one of the smartest thing I ever did because my gifts are more special because I made them myself. Feels like elementary school and horrible clay ashtrays all over again!! :roflhard: