My MMMMMalabrigo has arrived!


I am in receipt of my luscious malabrigo yarn. This is the first time that I have ordered this type of yarn. The colors are beautiful!!! Thanks to the poster who told us about the malabrigo being on sale :yay::yay::yay:

So now for some pictures…I absolutely LOVE this purple mystery. I wish I had ordered more. I also love this orchid and red mahogany colorways, very pretty…I am going to use the orchid to knit a scarf using the My So Called Scarf pattern. I can’t wait for it to be finished

Love that yarn! Great color choices too. Is this the sale from knit2purl2? I ordered a bunch from that sale 2 days ago. I was wondering when it would get here :woot:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, I ordered this from I ordered on Thursday & received it today. I wish I ordered more of the purple mystery. It’s absolutely beautiful.

That’s going to be beautiful!! I missed out on the Mmm sale. Thanks for sharing the wealth! I love looking at it almost as much as I love knitting with it.

I ordered too late!!! :waah::waah:

:verysad:I’m sorry for you. I’m also sorry for bragging about my haul. Better luck next time.

I got mine today too!! Yea!! The colors you got are so pretty! It was so hard to choose. I just wish I had said to heck with the budget and ordered a little bit more. But a little is better than none at all.
Looking forward to seeing your scarf.

Sigh. I ordered Wednesday (I was the original poster of the sale thread), but still patiently (not!) waiting for it to arrive. Then again, I’m in California so it has a little more traveling to do to get here!


I am glad you didn’t order more of the purple mystery because by the time I ordered (early Thursday), that was the only color she had enough of. I originally wanted 12 verdes, 12 sunset and 4 lime blue. Instead I am getting 11 purple mystery, 4 verdes and, um … 12 SWTC Karaoke in Mermaid … I may have gone a little overboard, lol. I should have been glad she didn’t have exactly what I wanted, and considered it $ saved, but nope :slight_smile:

^^Oh darn it…

You want to swap just one skein of the purple mystery?:pray::pray:
I want to make a hat to match my scarf. I can switch you one of the orchid or the red mahogany. :wink:

Let me calculate the amount I need for the sweater I wanted to make. I will try to remember tonight. If I forget to PM you, you can remind me in the morning (I have a thing after work which may cause me to totally forget about this).