My MLK sweater is getting published in KNITTY!


Hi everyone!

In October I wrote the folks at Knitty (pattern publishers) with an offer to write up the pattern for this sweater I designed, which some of you may have seen before. I suggested they publish it as their January “surprise” pattern (which they often do), this time specifically for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday coming up.

I JUST HEARD BACK TODAY (eek!) that they’re interested! Amy Singer just asked me “How soon can you have it to us?” Pattern, write up, photos and all.

I’m totally excited!

I’m also a bit panicked, timewise!

Assuming she is okay with my deadline answer (which is next Thursday), we are on, and I don’t have a moment to spare on this!

I will be writing up the pattern over the next couple of days, and looking for some fast knitting, intermediate/advanced knitters capable of working on this in the coming week, to test knit. It’s an intermediate, pattern, with the colorwork done in intarsia. Seamless, bottom-up sweater pattern (based on EZ’s EPS sweater). Kids Size 4, and/or size 6. Maybe more sizes if the math works out, and if I have time to fuss. Or if one of you wants to fuss and figure it out.

If you’re interested, and can get the aran weight yarn needed for this pattern in time to cast on this week, I’d love to have your help! It’s knit in Berkshire, from (They have fast shipping options. New Englanders can pick it up in Northampton, MA, or at Strings in NYC)

They asked for more pictures. I actually don’t have the sweater any more (my son lost it at school!), which means I will need to knit the whole thing again myself this week (god/dess help me) in addition to the gazillion other things I need to do to before this deadline. Or maybe I’ll just be begging my test knitters to send me some great pics of it!

These are the pics I sent them. I was kind of surprised that they mentioned wanting more pics, because these are among my favorite pics I’ve ever taken! But I also get it, that the visuals are really what sell a pattern, and they like creative, expressive pictures at Knitty! Cian-sweater ![IMG_7910|1200x900]


Congratulation, that’s terrific news!
The photos you have submitted and the model could not be more adorable. I’ll pm you.


Thanks, Mary Anne!


Just an update, that things are going amazingly well! I posted on our KnittingHelp Facebook page that I was looking for some fast knitters who would be willing to test knit over the weekend. I got a great response, and now have a test knitter ready to work on the three sizes I had planned for it!

Also, WEBS is sponsoring the project!!! I reached out, and they have been SUPER supportive. They are really going above and beyond to help make this project a success, I am SOOO grateful. They shipped yarn out to the test knitters yesterday, so things are moving right along! (Now just to work on this pattern some more, so the knitters know what they’re knitting when the yarn arrives, lol.)

I guess I should also mention, that underneath the surface logistics, this is a very meaningful project to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited to be working with Knitty and WEBS on this, but underneath all of it, I’m deeply grateful to be getting this pattern out there…

I knit this original three years ago, in deep prayer for greater unity across the socially-maintained racial divide. That is what this sweater is about. It is about raising awareness and getting us moving toward real healing and genuine unity, through encouraging active self-education.

Good vibes and prayers welcome.
For a beautiful, united future,


That’s wonderful, Amy! Is that Cian? So cute!!


Amy, I am looking forward to knit this sweater, once it is published in Knitty. Thank you for sharing your excitement with us! :slight_smile:


Love the sweater! Congratulations!!


Beautiful sweater! Congrats!!



Yes, @Jan_in_CA, that’s Cian! That was when he was only 3, I think. He’s turning 6 in a few weeks! My big boy…

So, you all will be getting an email, if you haven’t yet, as I’m sending this out to the full list, forum members, etc. I’ll give you the full scoop here!

I ended up publishing it myself!

Knitty lit the fire under my butt, by approaching me with their interest, which was great. They never promised to have it done on their end, only asked “when can you have it to us?” I told them exactly what day (and dropped everything to meet that deadline, because I’m so passionate about it!), and turns out it didn’t work for them, they didn’t have the resources to get it out by MLK day. They said, “how about next year?” But at that point, it was DONE, and I told them at the get go that my priority was to get it out and seen by as many people as possible, because it’s a vision and message that I’m passionate about. So I really felt like I had to put it out in the world. So I did!!

I pulled an all-nighter to get the pattern into PDF form, and published the initial draft to our Facebook page on MLK Day. Since then I’ve polished it up, and this weekend it’s gone out to the full email list.

I’m talking with Knitty about another variation, but for now, popping the bubbly (actually, just relaxing on the couch and knitting a bit :smiley: ) …because it’s DONE. YAY!!!

The pattern is now available here!:

Here’s a couple of shots of the final sweaterS (two sizes!) AND matching HAT!

Here I am, sporting the hat:

Size 2 sweater with a color variation “to represent the earth.” this was submitted by one of my test knitters, Maya! I love it.

Here’s big-boy Cian, wearing the new sweater!

Here’s Erin, wearing the (adult large) hat. It didn’t make it into the pattern pics, since it’s so big on her, but you can see her here. <3


I’m really happy with how it all came out. It sounds weird, but I think it was meant to be. I’m glad it’s done, I’m also glad to realize I know how to self publish when I set my mind to it. I really got to create the product I wanted to create, it was nice to not have to worry about the limits of their format, how much I could say in the pattern, for instance, and I said a lot (concisely) which was very meaningful to me to be able to share. I shared resources and perspective about the topic of race, the stuff I wish someone had told me. It’s like a mini class in the pattern, on gaining more perspective on the topic of race, which has become–to me–an essential part of taking my place in the circle of humanity.

On another topic, I’m shooting videos to go with the pattern, and I’ll be publishing them here on KnittingHelp in the advanced techniques section, later this week, if all goes according to plan! (Also on our YouTube page.) It’s a fairly advanced pattern, as there is more than meets the eye about that colorwork section! Intarsia AND color stranding are employed at the same tiem (saving over 100 intarsia yarn strands). Also, trapping the yarn during long carries. Fun stuff!


Wonderful news. I’m glad you were able to meet your deadline and self-publish. Especially good to have the Unity sweater and hat pattern available to the knitting community.
What great looking models you have!


Wonderful, Amy! Thank you!