My Miss Piggy

This is my Miss Piggy, I bought a suit for her but is too small so i decided to knit for her …

Here is my Miss Piggy’s New Clothes with a pair of …

That’s really cute and looks like fun.:thumbsup: Thanks for sharing.

Very cute!

These are so cute and they fit just the way Miss P likes. Just add her eyelashes and she’s ready for the clubs.

I am sure she appreciates you knitting her some undies! lol Everything is really cute!

That’s a very well dressed pig. In fact, she’s the best dressed pig I’ve seen all day!

Great job!

Beyond cute!!! And looks like a lot of fun!!!

Those are too cute!

Well, how clever are you!! Did you design the suit yourself? Its really pretty.

Just love the little skirt with the cute little ruffles… how sweet is that!
I think any little girl would love it.

yes… i tried and error… and is still a little small on the sleeves…
Miss Piggy is kinda of big…

So nice to be able to knit when you can’t find what you want. Love your pictures, including your toes. :slight_smile: Nice outfit.

I love the new clothes! Very neat job!