My MIL needs your strength

Early this year, my MIL began to get really sick…losing weight, peeing blood, extreme fatigue…so she went to the Dr…and for weeks, they couldnt find any issues, untill they saw her lung XRays…

She had a major nasty infection that would take over a year of antibiotics to clean up, and shes been on them for about 4 months, I think…and they arent helping.

DH went to see her on his way through a business trip last week, and was shocked to see her. She is a mere shadow of herself…even sitting tires her out, because shes lost so much weigh, her tailbone hurts her.

So we are heading out to see her tonight, and wont be back till Sunday, we think…

MIL is terrified that she may not make it to see the kids around Thanksgiving and Christmas…

Shes got more Dr appointments in September, and my FIL has told DH that the big “C” is a distinct possibility, but it freaks her out so much to even think of it.

Ive had my issues with her, I cant lie, but I hate to see anyone hurting so awful…shes my husbands mother, and Ive seen her running tractors and cutting hay…and to be reduced to asking for help to get out of bed just hurts…

So, however you pray, whatever you do, could you all please take a moment to say a bit for my husband and his mom?

:heart: Thanks…hes so worried, and that makes me worried, and Im trying to keep it together for the kids…and its hard…everytime that phone rings with their number, he gets scared…

I hope you can all find the strength to make it through :hug::hug::hug:

prayers for you all and hugs too.

My thoughts are with you all! :hug::hug:

Blessing to you all - prayers for her recovery. :pray:

thinking of you and your family! :heart:

Thoughts and prayers to your MIL and the whole family for healing, comfort and answers. I hope she gets better very soon!!!:heart:

:hug:Your mil and family is in my thoughts and prayers :hug:

We’ve all had family issues–that’s what makes us family! Don’t feel guilty or remorseful if you’ve butted heads at times; you’re still worried about her and that’s what counts. Know that your family is in our thoughts and prayers!

Sending lots of love…

Sending good thoughts and prayers. :hug:

Much love to all!

I’ll be praying that the doctors are able to determine what is causing her symptoms, and that the proper treatment can get started.

Isn’t it strange how we get focused on the “right” things when stuff like this happens?

Hugs to you and your family…




I just want to say thank you to EVERYONE here for all your strength…

We left Friday to visiter her, and she is looking terrible. Shes so skinny, and pale…sitting tires her out. FIL was happy to have DH there to talk to…and MIL just loved seeing the kids…it really made her perk up.

Shes got a biopsy and more stuff this week…she was really loathe to discuss it while we were there, so we dont know as much as we want to, you know? But I do know that seeing the kids made her feel alot better, if even just a little.

Take care, my friend.
:pray: :heart: :pray:

:hug:keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers :hug:

You, and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!