My Memory NEEDS HELP! :D

Help! I can’t remember what I forgot! :smiley:

A while back, (maybe a year ago - so, quite a while back…) someone was making a shawl with two “tails” - like a swallowtail butterfly. But, after searching Ravelry real quick for a pattern for a two-tailed shawl, as it turns out - swallowtail ISN’T the one I remembered.

I think it might have been a knit-along here, but I searched there, too, and no luck.

Anyone remember this?

This one that’s called swallowtail?

no, Jan - that’s not the one I remembered.

I think I’m going to have to invent one…

Is this what you remember?

There’s one by Mmario called Luna Moth, but it’s fairly recent. (this is a different pattern than the elann Luna Moth).

Someone posts about her butterfly shawls in the shawl knitting groups and I believe they have 2 tails. Try searching for shawls with ‘butterfly’ as the keyword.

well, maybe the swallowtail shawl IS the one I was thinking of… I’m cuckoo! Maybe I only THOUGHT it had 2 tails (or should have 2 because the butterfly has 2) whatever!

I’m insane. Sorry about that, guys!

Moni…I’m still working on my swallowtail shawl and it may be the one you’re thinking of. I’ll try to find it. It has the two tails with the impression of a swallowtail butterfly in the design. Could this be the one?

Try this site…see it this is the one

:woot: That is awesome!

lelvsdgs, it is a beautiful pattern, but when you get to the top part it gets verrrryyy long…I’m on row 186 which has I think 239 stitches. Every other row increases by 1 as there’s a yo at the beginning of the right side rows. And, I’m off, somehow, by a couple of stitches which is driving me crazy. I’d put it aside for months, but Monidew’s question made me drag it back out. I studied that thing all afternoon trying to figure out where I made the mistake, but no luck. I may just rip back a few rows, but I don’t have a lifeline, so that may be quite difficult. Heck, quess I’ll just throw it back in the bag and stash it away again.:slight_smile:

that is fabulous!! That’s exactly what I want!!!

Moni…great! If you do this, I have one thing to say…LIFELINES, LIFELINES, LIFELINES! I’ve messed up by a couple of stitches and I’m stuck. Good luck!