My Market bags (self design)

Yeaha! We finally got the flickr account set up (or tried to and realized we had one from who knows when!) and mom gave it to me. :slight_smile:

Soooo… here are the pictures I’ve been promising, and haven’t been able to post yet. :smiley:

and I didn’t have a working camera at the time I made the other bags (the 6 the store ordered) and now it’s working again… So you get pictures of mine but none of the others. BUT a fellow Raveler is going to the store soon and promised a picture (for which my dad is teasing me about “You made them. You know what they look like. Do they change a lot once on the rack???” YES!!). Soooo… whadyathink?

very nice job!!

:happydance: Great job!!

So pretty! You’re very talented!

Looks great. I hope you get lots of sales.

Those are great! I was wondering how your project was going…are you getting many sold?

And how’s the adoption going, I haven’t seen any update from you lately. Hope things are moving right along!

Very nice! :slight_smile:

That’s really beautiful!!! You do lovely work, my dear.

Actaully I am not the one selling them. I am selling them wholesale to a store in Lawrence KS (where I used to live) and they are selling them for me. As of now, I have only sold 6 as a trial, but the lady who is in charge of that department said a few things that hint that they will be buying more. :smiley:

SgtPam - pmed you

they looks great.

Very nice design!


Yeah! That’s a great bag!! :cheering:

Very nice work! I like the complementary trim color, too!

Very nice:)

Do they take you very long? That one is really pretty,with the trim and tag on it. Plus, it looks like it holds a whole shoppping trip worth (at least for me.)

Nope, maybe 3 - 4 hours max. :smiley:

lovley design, lovley bag.

fingers crossed the sales come flying in :thumbsup: