My malabrigo+sale Google Alert

About 2 months ago I reported here that I had set up a google alert to tip me off to any malabrigo sales. Unfortunately, it is not really working at all. Whenever someone posts to their blog, the alert picks it up. This sounds good, but what it means is that if someone posted about a Malabrigo sale in May, and adds to their blog today (something completely unrelated), google will alert me that there is a malabrigo sale. So I get all excited (as y’all probably did when you saw the title of this thread), only to find out that I missed the sale by about 9 months.

Also, Malabrigo is a place, so whenever there is a sale in that place, I get an alert.

And today took the cake: Someone with the last name Malabrigo who was a sales rep died, so I got an alert. That one was morbid.

Meanwhile, I can only imagine I am missing malabrigo sales left and right (though there have been no posts here, so maybe I’m ok).

HAHAHAHA… not funny I know but… it is!!!

You’re right. I saw the words malabrigo and sale and: :drool: .


What are the “odds” of someone named “Malabrigo,” who was formally employed as a “sales” clerk, who is now deceased??? :???: :???:

heheh–too funny.

I know, right? But apparently yesterday, the odds were 1 in 1.


OMG, TODAY I got a google alert about this thread! My OWN thread! :roflhard:

:roflhard: An alert about your own post!! That’s a riot. Can you customize your search so that it reads “malabrigo yarn” sale So that it searches only for malabrigo yarn rather than malabrigo in general?

:roflhard: Very funny on being alerted about your own thread. You had me laughing but that took the cake:roflhard:

:roflhard: this is too crazy.
On a related note, google your name and the word unfortunately (“Unfortunately, Carolyn…”) and see what comes up. pretty weird.