My make 1 makes 2! What am I doing wrong?

I’m very new to knitting. I am working on my first project and am teaching myself to knit following a pattern from a book.

The pattern requires a loop stitch. The directions asks to K1, M1, bring yarn to front and back again to make a loop, anchoring it down with thumb; slip M1 onto left needle; ktog

I’m making a cowl and am am knitting in the round.

Every time I do the m1 I pick up that middle strand sitting between the two needles from front to back and place onto my left needle front to back. Then I knit the stitch by inserting my right needle into the back leg. When i transfer it onto my right needle i end with an extra stitch. It’s like my yarn is wrapping over the right needle somehow as I’m knitting the stitch. what am i doing wrong???


I don’t know if I can be much help to you other than suggest reviewing the m1 stitch here at knittinghelp~~~

What might be happening is, where it says “bring yarn to front and back again to make a loop”, are you maybe doing this over the needles, kind of like a yarn over, which would add a stitch?

This might be easier:
There’s a bar or loop located between each stitch made in a knit project. So, after you K1, place your needle through the loop or bar between the k1 you just made on right needle and the next stitch on the left needle, knit it and instead of placing it on your right needle, place it on your left. Then knit it and the next left stitch together.

Generally a M1 is written as:
M1 – Knit one stitch from loop between sts (one stitch increase from no stitch)

Hope this helps! Mary

Thanks so much for reading and responding. I finally figured out that I was getting my knit all wrong. I’m finally almost finished with my very first knitting project, but I have one more question that I will post separately.