My LYS Visit

I took a cab to the closest LYS today. I have to say I was disappointed when I got there. A $25 cab ride took me to a place that was very disorganized and mostly had the same acrylic yarns you could find at any Hobby Lobby.

I did spend some time looking around and talking to the ladies who were hanging out there knitting socks (they were ALL knitting socks) and did have a pretty good time there.

I found a large ball of sport weight Alpaca yarn (1 lb) in a dark charcoal gray color and bought it. At $42 + tax it seemed a bit high to me but I liked it so I got it anyway.

It took me over an hour to get out of the place once I had made my purchase. The ladies seemed to want to talk and talk and talk… I showed them the projects I had in my backpack, the cabled tie and a hat I really need to finish. They seemed truly excited that this big bearded guy in a cowboy hat was knitting stuff LOL.

I didn’t want to be rude so I chatted with them for a good while, all the time expressing the fact that I hadn’t yet eaten and really wanted to go find something for lunch. I didn’t think I’d ever get out of there. LOL

While I had a good time there I was disappointed that they didn’t have any better yarns there. The lady who runs the place told me they special order the better yarns because they just don’t have a lot of demand for them.

They also didn’t have much in the way of a book selection. I didn’t see any books there that I wanted.

Oh well, it was fun anyway and now I have a whole pound of alpaca yarn to play with. I have no idea what I’ll do with it, but I have it :rofl:

at least you got some cool yarn, soft yarn, I hope YUMMY yarn.
at least she is willing to order the good stuff

enjoy the Yarn, what you gonna make with it? a whole # can make Quite a Scarf, Hat combination


That’s enough for a nice shawl for someone. Alpaca, mmmmmm…

When I went to my LYS recently, they treated me like I had 3 heads…no patience for noobs like me I guess.

All I wanted them to help me with was finding a specific yarn to make this scarf…not solve the theory of evolution!!


Aw, I’m sorry you were treated badly. I like to go to my LYS, but I really can’t afford to shop there. When I go, however, they always treat me nicely and offer to help find yarns or patterns or books. I just feel guilty because I can’t afford $100 of yarn!

They were just stuck up old ladies. I won’t go there again.

I think I’m going to buy all my yarn online from now on…since that was my closest LYS within 40 miles!

I M so sorry
I have a place like that, they even started a rumor that a different LYS is closing, this Rumor even made it to Rav. The owner of the one thats closing was laughing about it, but I find so much negative about the nasty store.
They even locked the door a few min before closingtime once when my BiL was trying to run in to get a gift certificate for his wife (my Sister)
I M much luckier than you, I have 3 to choose from, 2 I choose, one I dont

Mason, I’m glad you were able to see something positive out of the situation. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

I’ve tried several different lys, but I’ve finally found one I love. It’s a bit further, but the owner goes out of her way to answer questions, and go the extra mile.

There are some wonderful lys, and some that aren’t.

Mason… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your truck will be fully functional by Monday at 9:00 am.

I’m sending good thoughts to your truck!

Gosh, I have a great LYS with really nice people, a good selection of needles and helpful. I haven’t priced their yarns b/c I’m afraid to look. BUT I never have a day to go. My mom’s days out are filled with icky errands. ((sigh)) Now I feel REALLY bad that I can’t get there.

Mason, I had a good laugh about your story! If you are ever in Savannah, I will direct you to our really great LYS (Wild Fibre).


Wow, that’s a bummer. To be honest I kind of expected to be treated that way when I went in this shop but they didn’t bat an eye when I made it clear I was looking for yarn for myself.

Thanks. I had a good time there despite the obvious disappointment over the lack of quality selection. I’m hoping the truck will be ready to go Monday but I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime I’m trying to decide what to do with a pound of sport weight alpaca yarn. :mrgreen:

You must have really made the owner’s day, Mason, buying that alpaca.

Isn’t it the worst, having to sit and wait for them to repair your truck? One of the companies I worked for (very short time!) wouldn’t pay you while waiting, just voucher meals.

I think you should make a shawl with the yarn, maybe a real simple yarn over type, letting the alpaca ‘speak for itself’.

I’m thinking that a lb. of yarn is about 8-9 50g skeins. Maybe a henley style short sleeve sweater or some socks to go with all the hats you make. I love the feel of alpaca.
It’s too bad your trip wasn’t more fruitful but at least it killed some time. Hope you’re on the road again soon.

Someone suggested making a vest with it. Being as it’s sport weight I’m not sure if there’s enough to do that. Any thoughts?

Well a 50g skein is about 1.75 oz. That would be about 9 skeins in that 1lb ball of yarn. Without knowing what size you wear or what vest pattern might appeal to you, I guess I would do a little surfing and see what men’s vest patterns call for in yardage in a sport weight. It seems offhand that that should be enough.

I’m glad you had fun while waiting for your truck to be repaired. you can get some cheaper sport-weight yarn, a few skeins in contrasting colors and make a fairisle vest.

50gms of sport weight should be about 110 yds, so you would have around 1000 yards, give or take a few yards.

Well, at least you got some great yarn PLUS it’s always interesting to talk to other knitters…maybe not for hours at a stretch when you are hungry…lol…but it’s cool to see what other knitters are making.

We’ve got a couple LYS stores out here and although I’ve only been to two, I have to say that I vastly prefer A.C. Moore and Michael’s (and JoAnn’s too but our JoAnn’s is teeny tiny with very little selection compared to most others it seems) to these LYS’s.

The first LYS I went to had a back room where it seems the staff (I think) were all sitting and talking (not knitting though) and although one finally came out to say hello after I’d been there about 10-15 minutes, they weren’t super friendly AND the yarn was all at least $15-20 per skein which as a new knitter didn’t interest me (although now it is starting to, darn it).

The second LYS I went to had a group of women knitting at a table and chatting (including at least one staffperson) and although the selection was better and more affordable, it wasn’t until I was walking out that the lady asked if she could help me.

Oh well…you never know why people are the way they are - just makes me appreciate the bigger stores more!

I had a small retail business selling perennials for a number of years. I found some customers dislike having a clerk come up and ask if they want assistance. I think they may feel more pressure to purchase. Others want someone to walk around with them and help them pick out and decide what they need. I tend to like to just wander around and see what’s there and then find someone to help me if I need assistance. I think yarn stores may be a lot like antique stores, most people are just looking. Just my opinion, but try not to take offense at the 1st visit, if they don’t want to assist when asked then I would move on.

Here’s a site that tells appx how many yards you’d need for various items.

I kind of wish my LYS did sell something other than the higher end yarns so I could buy more from them. I’ve never heard of one that sold so much of it though.

I’m glad you had a good time. I am one of those women sitting around knitting at my LYS and we do chat up the people who come over and talk to us. :lol: