Saturday was my 31st bday, so DH and I went to Dallas for the Astros game, and we stopped in Yarn Heaven on the way…he made sure to do it just for me…:heart:

I picked up 2 Lornas laces in Bee Stripe, :drool: and some other goodies, and DH asked the owner and another lady in there if they knew the fastest way to get to the ballpark from there…cause it was my BDay, and we were going to the game…etc…

The owner told him, “Hold on, I can help you there!” went to the back, and I thought she was printing out a map…

She came back with BOGO free coupons for the game! It was SO sweet of her!

Im DEFINITELY going back there alot! :heart::heart:

Just had to share. Ill find batteries and post ALL my birthday yarn soon. :inlove:

happy birthday!! and how cool to get coupons on top of that!!! can’t wait to see the loot

Yarn Heaven is right up the road from where I work, I need to go by and check it out at lunch one day, I can buy yarn instead of food,lol