My LYS is closing!

I was just whining that I didn’t find anything to buy this weekend at a fiber festival and then I get an e-mail that my LYS is closing the 31st !!!

Can anyone tell me yardage for the adult fiber trends clogs so I can get my yarn from my LYS this week before they start selling out ? The LYS was going to order the pattern in for me, but if they are closing I doubt that will happen.


I don’t have the yardage for you, but I’m sorry your LYS is closing. I don’t have a good one here, and they say you can’t miss what you don’t have, but I am constantly wishing I had one. I hate making purchases online without being able to feel and be sure of the color…
You’re going to be even worse off than me, since you know what it’s like to have one and now you’ll be without. I’m so sorry.


if memory serves, it’s 660 yards.
maybe 440 for the soles and cuff and 220 for the tops? i have the pattern stored ,and haven’t knit it up yet (cause i am officially the SUPER SLOOOOW Knitter :wink: )

The different sizes are women’s 6 (8,10), men’s (11, 13). The yardage is 500 (540, 580/675, 720). For a clog with a contrasting cuff you’ll need 50 - 70 yds of that colour. Two coloured clogs require apprx. a 1/3 of the yardage in upper colour and 2/3 of the yardage in the sole/cuff colour.

I got my copy through Lion Brand maybe you could order it through them.

bummer about your lys. :frowning: you could most likely get that pattern through the net as well. if you’re on ravelry, you could search for it that way.