My LYS closed!?

So I was all set to take this class at my LYS. I talked my mom into taking it with me, and she went down and signed up and bought class materials. The NEXT DAY we each got a voicemail saying the class was cancelled and our credit cards were not charged, and the reason the class was cancelled was that they were closing the store and that day was their last day of business!!! Who does that? I can’t believe they would sell my mother class materials the day before they closed their store for good. And who closes a store like that without an announcement of some sort?! Very strange. I am very curious and also annoyed. Hmmmm…

:!!!: You’re right, that is realy rough. I wonder why they closed so suddenly? Keep strong, maybe you’ll find an even BETTER LYS who doesn’t sign you up for classes and then closes the next day :teehee:

Just had the same exact thing happen to one of our LYS’. I think it probably has something to do with Bank seizure of inventory. About 3 weeks later, they reopened just long enough to sell all their yarn and really, really discounted prices. Cash only, etc.

wtf??? :shrug:

Bummer~ I don’t know if you have one or not ~ but I took my knitting classes at Michaels and Hobby Lobby has them too~ :shrug:

Nah, this was a fair isle hat class with a very cool instructor. I cant that that kind of instruction at Michaels! I will have to find a new favorite LYS. It will be a little further away, but oh well. Its just so weird! Prob is a bank thing.

and maybe if that was an employee helping you and your mother they were not in the know. That is what usually happens.

For the rest of us. Support your (our) local yarn stores!