My Lusekofte Kit Arrived!

Look at all that yarn!!! :woohoo:

Now I just have to finish my household chores before I open it… :tap:

I also emailed KP’s customer service and told them I had a bunch of broken cables that I’ve been saving up over the past months, and a set of tips that won’t stay screwed in. They replaced everything! :happydance: And, I decided to try a set of the acrylic tips. Just for fun!

Know what’s weird? I ordered 2 sets of things from Knitpicks which shipped on consecutive days (don’t judge!) and the 2nd one got here first. I guess it will be Monday before I get my Fair Isle books and my Chibis.

I still can’t believe I lost both my tapestry needles. :grrr: I’ve been waiting on the replacements so I can sew up my last FO’s.

Quite a haul! Good for you.

How do you like the Telemark? I’m still trying to decide to buy the kit. I found some similar patterns on the DROPS site, but I like the opening on this one.

Oh yeah! I feel your pain on losing the Chibi’s! When I’m vacationing, I pack EXTRA Chibi’s! I’d hate to drop one in the wilderness, and be Chibi-less until we got back to civilization!

Kudos to you for the HAUL! I’m real happy for you!
I tried some of the acrylic needle tips! They knit very much like the Harmony’s do…
but for less dinero! You’ll love them!

Oooooo! I’d be in yarn heaven! Congrats on the haul. Be sure to show us what you do with it.

I like their Telemark yarn…I have made socks/mittens with the yarn…knits up nice and holds up well :thumbsup:

YAY on the kit and can’t wait to see yours :yay:

I’m going to swatch today… I hate the idea of swatching in the round. I don’t really want (or likely have enough yarn for) a hat, so the EZ way is out. I was torn between the “start a sleeve and go for it” way and doing a circular swatch with huge floats in the back. I think I’m going to do the latter…

The Telemark is very pretty color-wise. Just holding the skein, it’s not very soft. I’m hoping that it will be like Cascade 220. That’s a good sturdy wool, and while it doesn’t feel great in the skein, or even knitting it, it softens up a lot with the first washing, and I can wear it next to my skin. I’m not super-sensitive to itchy wool, though.

I spent last night organizing my yarn stash and updating my Ravelry page. I don’t have photos of all my yarn, but at least now I know what I have and where it is. When doing so, I FOUND MY TAPESTRY NEEDLES!!! They were in a Ziplock with some buttons. I have no recollection of putting them in with the stash, but I’m glad to have them back. :happydance:

Hmmm. I’m deciding on sizing and mods…

I have a 35" bust and I’m usually the second size on patterns (the one just inside the parentheses). Well, CeCe burned me on that, but otherwise it’s mostly worked. The sweater should have 4" of ease, and the 2nd size is a 38, so that’s good.

I’m 5’10", and I know that I usually need to lengthen sleeves and sometimes the body as well. I measured a few sweaters and the sleeve length (from underarm to cuff) is about 20.5". The 2nd size for Lusekofte is 15 3/4". :noway: I don’t have a sweater with the same shape as Lusekofte. Am I getting a huge discrepancy because the sweaters I’m measuring are more fitted? If Lusekofte is looser and the armpit is an inch or 2 below my actual armpit, then…

How do I decide how long to make the sleeves?! I checked the body length and it seems to be okay. I plan to do a provisional cast on and a hem instead of ribbing at the waist (the sleeves have hems), so I suppose if it really isn’t long enough I can pick those stitches up and make the bottom longer. I’m just not too sure about those sleeves.

I have some sweatshirts that are oversized and their sleeves are shorter, only 17" or so, because the shoulders drop down. :eyes: