My "Lucy's Hat" Pattern

This pattern was inspired by Lucy’s hat (Lion Witch and the Wardrobe)

This is why first time winging it, and I don’t know if the pattern is written 100% correctly, so please let me know if there’s anything wrong with it.

This hat in knit sideways. You will be knitting several wedges, and will then sew them together to form a hat.

This is also a [B]double yarn[/B] hat. That is, knit with two strands of yarn together.

Size 10.5US (6.5mm) knitting needles
Two balls of worsted weight yarn
Yarn needle

Abbrevations: W&T - Wrap and Turn - Bring yarn forward to front of work (was if to purl). Slip next st from left needle onto right needle. Bring yarn to the back of work (as if to knit). Slip the st back onto the left needle. Turn work around to knit back in the other direction. Move yarn to back of work to knit.

CO 22 sts

Row 1: k 20, W&T (one wrapped st)
Row 2: k to end
Row 3: k 19, W&T (two wrapped st)
Row 4: k to end
Row 5: k 18 W&T (three wrapped st)
Row 6: k to end
Row 7: k 17 W&T (four wrapped st)

*You’ll notice here that the side with the wrapped sts is pointed. This part will become to the top of the hat.

Row 8: k to last four sts, W&T
Row 9: k to st before last wrapped st, W&T
Repeat row 9 until there are four wrapped sts on one side and eight wrapped sts on the the other side.
Next Row: K to end
Next Row: K
Next Row: K
Next Row: Bind off

Leave a food 20" of yarn on the end to sew it up.
Knit 6-8 more wedges. Sew the wedges together to form a hat (sew the straight side of one wedge to the curved side of the next wedge) until you have a hat!

You will probably need to block it to make it less pouffy (I didn’t block it in the pics I posted).
I didn’t try it myself, but you could probably substitute the two strands of worsted yarn with one strand of bulky yarn.
I like to wear it on the backish of my head, not covering my ears. If you wanted it to cover your ears, CO 26 sts, and on Row 8, knit to last 6 sts, to make a taller hat.
If I could knit it again, I’d make it in a darker colour. But this is all I had.
Don’t underestimate how much yarn you’ll need, because it’s knitted with two strands. You can’t tell too much, but I saw that I was running out of my beige alpaca yarn about 1/2 way through. Luckily I had had similar beige acrylic yarn, so I knit 1/2 the wedges with one strand alpaca and one strand acrylic. They came out slightly darker so I alternated them with the 100% acrylic wedges.

:happydance: it looks great!! Thanks for sharing the pattern with us…

Great hat. :cheering: