My Lucy bag

I used yarn I bought at an Indian Trading Post in Northern Arizona. The pattern is from Two old bags. I felted it twice…The first time, of course was larger but i wanted a heavier feel to the bag body. I just picked random colors I liked. When it was finished I realized it reminded me of a blanket I had when I was little! I guess that is where the colors came from!

Nice!! Love the color combo - very southwestern! Perfect for yarn purchased from an Indian Trading Post :thumbsup:

It’s beautiful!

As my younger daughter would say,

That’s a nice bag. I especially love the style of the handle!

great color combination. I totally like it! Well done!

That’s a lovely bag! where did you find the pattern? linknit41

It is a pattern available on the net from TWO OLD BAGS>

Oh it’s positively gorgeous! I love the color combo, and the shape!

I like it! Good job.

Great job! I’ve always loved that pattern and the colors you chose are wonderful!

It looks fabulous!