My long horn pattern- can someone tell me if it looks okay?

i was looking off another pattern i got off of here, and the actual picture of a long horn but it was all basically done free hand. does it look okay? i think the snout might be a bit pointy but idk for sure.

OMG That is awesome! Keep in mind it won’t be that pointy after being knitted.

Can you email me a copy??? I would LOVE to knit that!


My longhorn endeavor is on hold while I work on my secret theme swap package and a couple other non-knitting projects but I’m planning on getting it OTN ASAP!

Keep me posted on how your project comes along! Oh, and BTW, wanna knit me up one of these bad boys when you get done with your first one, seeing how you’ll be all experienced and all? :mrgreen:

yeah, i just have to transfer it to the computer somehow. this part should be fun! lol :eyes: