My log cabin baby blanket

I see someone else just finished one too. Well here’s mine. It’s all garter stitch with a row of single crochet for a border. I used Hobby Lobby Baby Bee Sweet Delight Pomp yarn. (Wow that’s a mouthful!).


I love your colors :thumbsup:

That is gorgeous! Is it for a gift?

Yes, it is a gift. The youth pastor at our church and his wife Tiffany are expecting their first baby (a girl) after about 3 years of infertility. We’ve know Tiffany’s family for about 15 years and she used to babysit our oldest son (he’s 13 now) when she was a teenager. This is a special baby (but I guess they all are!)!

How cool! They will love it!

That turned out great. My firend is going to be a grandma and I may just have to copy yours!

How pretty!

VERY nice! Good use of traditional and non-traditional colors.


great color placment too:yay:

That is beautiful. What a great gift.

Wonderful blanket! I guess that’s one more to add to the ever growing list of projects I’d like to make…:teehee:

that’s really pretty.
and it looks like that god’s eye thing. (?)

Wonderful! I’m sure parents and baby will love it.

[FONT=“Century Gothic”]Wow! I love it. The colors are gorgeous.[/FONT]

Lovely, the color placement realy works.

That’s beautiful! I’m sure they will treasure it.

That’s a great baby blanket! I like the colors and color placement.


That is so pretty! I love the colors.

So cute!