My Local LYS Closed!

I just found out that my local LYS closed and I was there recently and didn’t know they were closing down. :?? I took knitting classes there last fall when I was first learning to knit and really liked the ladies there.

I’ve already searched on the internet and found another shop that I’m going to check out this weekend. I just can’t believe they’re closed :shock:

Aw…I’m sorry. There seems to be a lot of that going around. I have had two close down this year. I have to travel farther and farther to get to LYS.

I visited my LYS (25 miles away) and it looks like it will be closing before too much longer. It is less than half the size it was 30 years ago. The owner is in her 80’s and it looks like she can’t afford to keep up inventory, the shelves were pretty bare and she was very grateful to get my $ 50.
I think that online shopping is making it hard for smaller places to compete. Unless you can have an online presence I think it would be hard to stock enough variety at competitive prices. It’s a shame because there is nothing like being able to go in and fondle before buying or getting recommendations from knowledgeable people.

It’s so hard for them to compete with the internet’s online shopping I guess. I go to Knit Nights every week so I would be very sad if ours closed and it’s for sale so who knows. :zombie:

Another one just opened up here! It’s downtown and they’re going to have noon sit and knits as well as an evening one, so they may get more downtown workers in. The other one is in a shopping center a ways from downtown. The owner announced it on Ravelry and another Rav’er and I showed up last night.

Online shopping is affecting many small businesses. I love to do all of my yarn shopping in person. I love the experience of feeling the fibers and looking at the yarn up close.

It’s a sad sad thing when a LYS closes. Mine closed last year - it was a mother/daughter business that was BOOMING. The mother closed it b/c she felt it was drawing too much of her time away from her family. I really miss their knit nights : (

I just found out today that one the LYS where I took some lessons has closed. Are you by ant chance talking about Knit or Knot Linda?

Yep, that’s the one. I took the beginner and intermediate classes last fall? Do you know why they closed? :shrug:

The ladies there were very helpful so its too bad they closed. I know there’s Needles and Knits up the road from there so I’m going to check them out this weekend.

I don’t know why they closed but have sent you a pm