My Little Yorkie Puppy

My little Roxy, who weighs 3 1/2 lbs., did the funniest thing today. I was knitting on some pretty big circulars, and she was sitting on the couch beside me when her “dad” walked in the room. In her excitement to get to him, she jumped right through the circle of my cable, just like a lion in the circus. It was really funny. :teehee:

Oh, how funny! You need to post a picture of your darling!

:roflhard: How cute. I wouldn’t mind seeing a picture, too! I :heart: dogs!


That is too cute!

How cute! Another yorkie lover here. We’re parents to our 3rd yorkie who is the biggest one we’ve had. The other 2 only weighed 6lbs as adults. Pepper our current one weighs about 10 lbs. He loves to play “soccer” with his toys…running around tossing, shaking and bouncing them with his head and nose. Very funny!

There’s only one other dog that can compete with yorkies for cuteness - pomeranians.:heart:

I love them when they are puppies. It is so cool that they are black until they age then change colors. You do need to post a pic of her. I would love to see her.

I love my yorkie. Fortune is the sweetest thing on earth. One of his favorite things is to sleep on the back of the couch. He sits up there a lot because he can look out the back deck windows. He was asleep up there the other day and I heard a big “thump” and the poor thing had fallen off the back of the couch while he was sleeping! :slight_smile: He was dazed and I pulled out the couch because he wouldn’t come out and he just looked at me like “Wha’ happened?” Here he is snoozing on the sofa pillows.

Fortune could very well be related to our Pepper. His original owners in Tennessee gave him up to a shelter because he peed in the house. We adopted him from a rescue group that got him from the shelter in TN. He is the most affectionate yorkie we’ve ever had. And we haven’t had any problem with him peeing in the house. Could be that our dog door helped cure that problem, LOL.

:heart: Thanks for the pics (those who posted) of the pups! So adorable. And nonny, that was a cute story! Poor little thing!

ahmen sister! :muah:

ohhh sooo cute. sucker for a yorkie, would never have one being in the terrier family lol

my mums got an airedale, there bad enough lol

collies are awesome as well lol


Here’s a picture of Roxy, with a coke can for perspective

:hug: :heart:

:heart: :inlove: :heart:

Like I said…there’s nothing cuter!..except maybe a pomeranian pup. It’s a tie. Wish we had our pom from puppyhood. At least we had one of our yorkies from babyhood.