My Little Russell Brand Doll

Hiya ladies,what do you think of my Little Russell Brand doll?H’es only 6 inches tall,been very busy making these up and selling them on a fan site that I’m a member of.:slight_smile:

He’s different. Kind of looks like Charles Manson. Good knitting job!

I don’t know who that is (I am so not with it- just ask my kids), but awesome doll!

Edited to add I just googled some pics- that does look like him too! Great job! :cheering:

A cool knitted likeness. :thumbsup:


That looks brilliant. Your doll looks quite like him :slight_smile:

I had to google him too, but, good job!

Awesome! Could you pm me details of your site where you are going to sell them? Would like to buy one for my son for his birthday.

Too cute!!! You are so clever!!!

That looks so like him, brilliant. Have you sent one to him. you could probably send it via BBC Radio as he does a show on BBC Radio 2. But then you would already know that if you belong to a fan site.

Haha adorable!

lol! great you should send one to him!!

Very cute.:yay:
I love the little face!

Who’s “Little Russell”? - the doll’s adorable though!! kudos!

hey i really want that little russell brand doll can you give me the fansite address?