My little loop

I knit continental–in all the same ways that videos on this site show–but I have a problem (I think).

(see if you can follow me here…) When I cast on my first stitch–I use the double cast-on method–there are two loops on my needle but there is actually only one stitch casted on. So I know not to “knit” this other loop but when I finish a row–I have a loop at the starting point. How can I not have this loop and if it’s unavoidable–what do I do with it!!!

Am I making any sense???

Help please… :??

When I do a long tail cast on, I drape the yarn over the needle and get two stitches for the price of one on the first cast on stitch. I knit it like a regular stitch.

Ingrid, I have exactly the same kind of problem with the loop. Can you
please explain how you drape your yarn over the needle to get 2
stitches with the 1st cast on? I’ve tried different ways but it doesn’t seem
to work for me. I absolutely love this method of casting on, with the exception of the loop. I’ve tried knitting it (loop) but I can’t get the tension on it, therefore it doesn’t look right.

Thanking you

I’ll show you how I get my loop, but if you don’t like the way it looks knitted, just make a slip knot.

Thanks for posting the pics Ingrid, they are helpful. I will try it this way & also the slip knot. I think I will just have to get used to the way it looks.

Thanks again

Yep, I use the long tail and get two loops and count it as two CO stitches.

Me too. It freaked me out at first, that very last stitch. The only problem I’ve had with it is that it can sometimes be very loose.

I get two as well but I don’t like how loose the last one is so I always count it as one and knit them together. If that makes any sense.

That makes perfect sense, actually!

I do the same thing. It is loose but I give it a little extra tug.

I’m a ‘two for the price of one’ girl…

I just treat it like a normal stitch… I’ve never had an issue it being loose.