My little Christmas Foofie

Fresh from the groomers with little bows that jingle!

Awww…I just want to bury my face in that sweet little head!

AWWWWWWWWWW, what a CUTIE!!! I gotta make an appointment for Ty’s Christmas “do”. Aren’t Maltese just THE BEST!!!

:heart: Cute as ever… I love that “just from the groomers” feel and smell of an animal!! Kinda like when I get [I]my[/I] hair done…

Foofie says thanks! :teehee:

She’s actually not Maltese, but she gets mistaken for one all the time. She’s a Coton de Tulear and they are a little bit bigger, but in the same family as I understand it. She’s about 11-12 lbs. :wink:

What a cutie pie! :heart:

The puppy’s sooo cute. I wish my puppers would let me decorate them for Christmas…the old one is too grumpy and the baby is too active to sit still for such things.

Ohhhh…what a sweet little face! Can tell what a good “momma” you are. Such a cutie.

Awww! So cute! :heart:


awww!:inlove: I wish my dogs had hair.

:passedout: Redmom has NAKED DOGS!!! :shock:


She seems to be chilly today so I put on her University of Michigan sweater. It’s the only one she has. I better get knitting! :yay:

My baby is a dachshund she was suppose to be a mini. Oh well I love her to bits. I do have a camara but don’t know how to put up pictures :aww: She is 6 years old going on seven this month. She loves her sweaters and sweatshirts. She hates the rain she melts in her mind:roflhard::roflhard:.
If I ever get to learn how to run this darn computer I will put up pictures.

To add photos you need to first resize them to no larger than 800x600, smaller is better, but not so small we can’t see it.:teehee: Make note of the folder it’s in. Then click the paper clip on the tool bar or scroll down to “manage photos” and click that. You can upload them as an attachment and they will show up in your post. If you don’t have software to do this you can do it online at one of these links.