My Latest Yarn Shopping Adventure

For those of you who don’t read my blog…thought I would share my latest adventure (some of you may remember my trip to Vegas last year)…

This time the adventure takes place in Louisiana…

Read on for more…scroll down to see what I wound up with…

Story picks up here…

And then I parked the car and made my way down the street tothis place:

I consider it my mission to inspect yarn stores across the country and give you a review of them. Can you tell that I’m trying to justify my latest adventure??

Here’s the view you get when you walk in:

To your right is the “Sale Room.”

Everything in the Sale Room was 50% off. Here’s another picture of it, so you can see all of the lovelies in the room:

As you continue further in the store, you see, to the right, shelving with lots of books and magazines:

As you pass the shelving, you see the following, along the left side of the store, extending towards the back:

This is just one section of that wall on the left:

And on the right side:

The right side of the store is a sock knitter’s paradise. This is an entire section dedicated to Koigu sock yarn:

And here’s a section of various other sock yarns. The right section of this wall is all Tofutsies…the most colors I’ve ever seen in one store:

Here’s a couple of gals I spent time talking to. The lady in front was learning how to knit in the round. Her ribbing looked amazing for a first-time knitter! The gal behind her works at the store and was providing instruction and encouragement to the other gal. She was quite knowledgeable, friendly, and enabled me in my purchase (you’ll see later in this post). Her blog is here.

So, with all of that fabulous yarn, whatever was I going to do? It would have been rude to walk out without getting anything. Especially after everyone had been helping me pick my jaw off the floor. I mean, I’m from a small town where such delicious yummies do not exist!

Here’s what I got:

And here are close-ups of the yarn. I have to say that the Misty Alpaca was a total splurge. Once I touched it, I knew I had to have it. I am already feeling it around my neck. I will cast on for a scarf tomorrow when I get home from LA.

Misty Alpaca - Colorway is “Marvelous”

The Koigu was too much to pass up. All of the Koigu was beautiful! The colors are vibrant. I selected a solid color to give me more leeway in pattern selection:


And the last purchase is Boomerang. The colorway is White Zifandel. I bought it because it’s worsted weight, and I am going to use it when my friend Christina (Rabbitrescuer) and I make socks. I’m going to walk her through her first sock pattern, and she wants to use worsted weight. I wanted to make my life easier and not have to adjust the pattern for thinner yarn. Sure, whatever excuse works, eh? And besides that, because it’s worsted weight, I’ll be able to get two pairs of socks out of the 320 yard skein. Ha! Two for the price of one, eh?

Yay! What yummy yarn you got and that store is just huge!!!

Just wow.

Wowee! I want to visit that store! Thanks for sharing!

What a great looking store and I love the yarn that you chose. I have drooled over the Misti Alpaca in the stores. Thanks for sharing.

Wow-what a store I could spend days in there…and do serious damage to my yarn budget.

Wow!!! Truly fiber heaven!!! Amazing!


Thanks for posting the pics, Nathalie! I’ve always wondered what that store looked like! And I live only 2 hours west of there!

I see a possible road trip in the future!

If you had traveled 2 hours west of N.O. to Lafayette, you would have found two more yarn shops, but they don’t hold a candle to the one in New Orleans!

Thanks for sharing. That store is incredible. I think you showed admirable restraint in your purchasing.
I live about 25 miles from Paradise Fibers and so far have avoided going there. You may have weakened my resolve somewhat. Now all I have to do is come up with money to go and scout it out. I’ve been to the website and am scared I may not be able to visit there and survive financially.

I’m so glad y’all enjoyed the pictures! I have to drive a good hour and a half to get to a real yarn store, so when I travel, I always google “yarn stores.”

I have to say that I could have spent a couple of days in there just browsing. My time was limited because I had to go to a soccer game, so I know I didn’t get to really inspect much of the merchandise.

They do online sales, so make sure you visit their web site!

Wow! I can totally see why your jaw hit the floor! :inlove:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Amazing place! I’ve never seen anything like it! I’m surprised you were able to show so much restraint. I doubt I’d have the fortitude… LOL!:teehee:
The yarn shop I go to - the only one in town - is sooooo small by comparison… (tsk, tsk) They have the expensive stuff on one side and the cheap stuff on the other. That’s about it! (tho’ the staff is very nice and helpful)
Will you be going back there soon?

Probably not. I was in Metairie for a soccer tournament. My daughter stayed at another hotel with the team, so I had some time to explore. BUT, if I’m ever over that way, I’ll definitely go back. Maybe my finances will be better by then. That’s what dictated my restraint. I shouldn’t have gotten what I did, but I just couldn’t help myself.